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We call this bird the seagull, but it is very different from the real seagull. We also call this bird the Innocent Bird. I have been watching this bird since childhood. The beautiful habits of this bird that make this bird unique.
This bird loves farmers very much and whenever the farmer plows the fields, these birds gather in large numbers in this field.
Thus, when crops are irrigated, these innocent birds enter the fields.
But this is why these birds come to plow and water the fields.
Because during water and plowing, small insects and vermin come out of their burrows.
This is how Siegel preys on them.
I didn't know that. But when I pondered and observed it, it became clear.

We call it the Innocent Bird because it's not too naughty. And in an innocent way it hunts and lives.
The bird is now living in urban areas and in the fields and trees of Gowan.
But this bird lives on trees in such a way that no one can find it.
If you go before watering a field, you will not see a single seagull there. But as soon as you plow or water the field, many of these seagulls will come.
This beautiful white bird is a very cute innocent bird.
I have loved this bird since childhood.

The favorite food of this bird is small fish, but now this bird is living its life from the river to the village and now its food is by finding small insects in the water of the village and the water of the mountains that come to the village. Eats
He has also been seen eating soft grass.
Grass that grows under water.
This bird has a habit of not allowing humans to come near it.
It is close to the human population at the moment but does not go near humans and does not allow anyone to come near.
Here is another interesting piece of information about this bird that I have not yet seen the nest of this bird. And I searched a lot but I didn't find its nest. And I got information from many people about this bird's nest but who didn't see it.
This shows that this bird does not have a nest and this seagull does not build a nest and lives on the branches of trees.

It breeds through eggs and lays its eggs on the ground and then lays them in a safe corner of the ground and then after thirty days its eggs hatch.
Her chicks are very cute.
But Siegel's life is in danger at the moment.


If we go to a river in the morning, at sunrise you can see many seagulls fishing in the water around the river.
But as soon as you get close to them, they fly away and then go away and sit down.
It is very difficult to find them during the day and if you want to see them in large numbers in our area then morning is the best time.

I tried very hard to take pictures of this bird up close but whenever I went a little closer. They flew away.


This morning I tried to meet these birds, but I found them near a river. All these pictures I have taken from my mobile phone.


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Wow these are so amazing. I wish i could visit the place and watch them with my own eyes.

Welcomw to see these birds

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