What would happen if we invested in everyone developing their talents to the fullest?

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So what I mean by that, is that I want us and our organisations, we should be giving opportunities to as many people as possible to develop the skills that will help them to make more money. I am not asking for someone to not go to university, I am just saying we are a society that invests a lot in our young generation, not only with financial assistance and scholarships, we also have to promote knowledge and use it for the creation of money.

So I think it is not enough to give them a scholarship, it is not enough to give them financial aid, but they must have a chance to develop their talents and be supported in making money, be it through a company, through self-employment, be able to take a part in something that will benefit the world, create wealth, and create jobs.

And it will not only be young people who will benefit, when they have the opportunity to develop their talents they will also be more productive than a lot of people they work with now – and not only the ones in their region but in other parts of the world as well.

The question really becomes how we can create wealth. How we can make money in a new way that is different than what we have been doing in the past, and not only to make money but also to create jobs, increase consumption, and therefore also the wealth.

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