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Hello lovers of @splinterlands,

Every time you open a untamed booster pack all you want is receive at least one so those card are a plus for every battle.

Golden cards are extremely difficult to find especially epic and legendary golden cards, I want to show you my little collection of this cards and the reason why I am keeping them instead of selling.

Recently I was updating some of my cards but I decide to spend some money buying my favorite common card for death element CURSED SLIMEBALL

I decided to level up this cards because I already have three of them by opening packs and It just needed 6 to finally develop the amazing ability REDEMPTION.

When this monster dies, it does -1 damage to all enemy monsters

I decide to collect Golden cards because they are the best way to monetize battles but also look very cool on battles hahaha

The most used golden card that I use more often are Gelatinous Cube, War chang, Octospider and Exploding dwarf.

I usually reach diamond II league every season and those cards are very useful because I want to buy a lot of untamed packs, sometimes I use to buy on the official market but recently I found the monstermarket.io a third party service where each pack is at 1650 DEC

Golden Cards are a way to invest at the game and also a way to make a good trading even with your regular card, sometimes you can sell the same card but regular and buy it again the gold version all you need is be aware of the market and make a good investment.

This a very important card, (The Lord Arianthus of little players lol, I used to have this card at regular but someday I received a golden one at daily quest reward a a the end of the season another one so I sold the regular and bought the two that I needed to have this nice card at level 6. I love Scavenger and Heal combination.

This card is very useful and when just came out its price increased so I sold several of this card and I decide to keep this amazing GOLDEN CUBE.

One day I received this golden surprise, Yeahhh a Untamed death summoner, The magnificent CONTESSA L´AMENT.

The power of Mortis came to my card deck to fight against Prince Rennyn and Selenia Sky a powerful Earth and Dragon Summoners I just need more of this fashion card that looks better in Gold.

Death Element is my favorite element that is one of the reason that I decide to leve up the great L´ament.

Be careful She is ready to destroy on the battlefield.

I don´t know what´s going on with the picture but yes, this card is two in one, can attack with melee and ranged attack, the most cool thing that a monster can do on the battlefield ,just a few monster can do that.

I received a mysterious pack from someone who I don´t remember the name and this card came out, the sound when a golden and epic card is revealed is very cool and exited.

What you think, should i sell this card or keep it?

A big question

How many Golden cards do you have?

Do you usually sell them and why?

I have 28 Gold Cards

My Gold Collection

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What a great post about gold cards, I love it! Thanks for taking a break from battling to make this! I hope your season-ending was a great one! An upvote is on the way from SM/Splinterlands!

I received 3 epic cards that I didn't have lol and also and orb with a golden electric eels.