Baby Yoda (I mean Grogu) is my new bandmember and plays synths with the force... now seriously!

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I have been enjoying The Mandalorian (available on Disney +) so much, for be the best in Star Wars Universe since the original trilogy (the one I grew up with because I'm that vintage. When the series started, me as a film music collector and lover I was surprised by the score of Ludwig Göransson after all filling the shoes of a "Master" like John Williams is no easy task. But I believe he succeeded, because just a few chapters in it became iconic. And here is a little tribute (very very short, not the full track) featuring BABY YODA playing synths (seriously) LOL

Baby Yoda playing piano with the force...


Wee! Watch Baby Yoda (now we know Baby Yoda's real name is GROGU) my new band member LOL!
This is a fan tribute to probably the best thing in Star Wars Universe after the original trilogy :) "The Mandalorian" TV series (on Disney +). If you haven't watched it give it try. It's awesome!. And please check the entire soundtrack, this is my humble (and short) take on it. You can also see some screens of the keyboard so it works as minitutorial too.

Priscilla Hernandez The Mandalorian Cover Theme.gif

🎶 Original composition by Ludwig Göransson. Kudos to him for being innovative, filling the shoes of John Williams score was such a big challenge but the tune is now an iconic part of the Star Wars Universe. I remember at the beginning I was "surprised" but soon I was humming it all the time.

Even in a Star Wars related video there has to be a fufunchi... so find the ratty!

As always there is a hidden ratty 🐀 in the video, tell me in comments if you found it.

All instruments and arrangements by Priscilla Hernandez @yidneth (ocarina, bass, tenor and alto recorder, keyboards, glockenspiel and vocals)Featuring the most adorable guest: The Child (aka. Cute Baby Yoda, King Bebeh) playing synths with The Force and Kuiil cosplayed by my friend Mara von Entropy.

So this one was only for fun and guest stars were rewarded with hot soup. Now it's soup time... what's your favourite one? I think "Grogu" was upset because I'm vegetarian and there was no frog in the broth.

Priscilla Hernandez Baby Yoda soup.gif

Video Edit by @hedac who helped me with the animations and layout and making the gifs out of the video. Please if you can leave a comment on youtube I'm also grateful.


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Wot no ewoks?

@tipu curate

Nop, though I'm vintage enough to have watched the two Ewoks Films. In fact there were rumours that Wicket would appear somewhere, but no in The Mandalorian. LOL hahah

Well I'm loving the music, ewoks or no ewoks, please just keep doing what you're doing!


hahah thanks :)

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Finding the Ratty this time was pretty tricky. I had to watch the video a couple times before I caught a glimpse of it scurrying away.

You always get them though :) "fufunchis" finder :) hahaha It really makes me happy that someone takes the time to look for them. You know they've been gone for a long time but the fact I still hide them in my videos means (for me) they're with me and not forgotten until I can get a rattyfamily again... oh my when I get to move and get new ratties they're gonna take over the whole channel

That would make them much easier to find ;)

I seriously dream of the day, but they would take "over" entirely hahaha

Wow, great work! I have been watching The Mandalorian. Don't play with your food 🤣 This is the way!

This is the way...

@themarkymark, I think you may enjoy this!

This is really cool!

I love the intro music in The Mandalorian, the soup was probably the best scene in the show.

to fill John Williams shoes is kind of a challenge, but after the initial what is this? I was like wow It sticks in my brain and as most people watching the show I grab the popcorn and need to watch the episode twice cos one is awww and ohhh no baby Yoda.... it's endearing and finally we're fully invested in the character. Noted that I am not the biggest Disney fun, maybe cos they got the Muppets and they kinda hide it's Henson's work... like they grew too much and engulfed things and got out of hands, but the series is better than the movies LOL And yes... I think Baby Yoda was upset cos I didn't add frog in the soup. And Kuiil is my friend Mara, who made her cosplay LOL XD cos I have the geekiest friends ever and I love that.

The cosplay was on point.

She's working on Ahsoka Tano now LOL hahah pd. she's super pretty hahah difficult to tell beneath all the latex but

@themarkymark enjoying something geeky? that's new! wink! LOL Well hope so

Have you seen this?

Almost as cute as my "real" baby yoda


Tienes un aura mágica! <3 Good job with baby yoda!

Gracias, mi amiga Mara hizo de Kuiil y ella tiene el muñeco que aún así animamos por computador un poco pero luego al piano ha sido animado por mi compañero @hedac que lo hizo todo por cgi de hecho toca el tecladito que tengo y las notas que son, la verdad no fue el tema entero porque era mucho trabajo para nuestro ordenador haaha

ah y el aura es "la fuerza" haha

This is simply wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us your masterpiece 😍

thank you, well as stated in the video it's a cover, original composition here is by Ludwig Göransson for the series which I find great, but it's my own interpretation of it

yay thanks for the shout out


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