Day 9 - Long Exposure Pictures & A Writing

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Day 9 - Long Exposure Pictures and Writing


Sony A7R - 20mm / F8 / 41s / ISO 6400


Sony A7R - 20mm / f5.6 / 182s / ISO 3200

First of all, i am newcomer in Hive and i want to thank all supporters...

If you like photos (street, macro, landscape and long exposure) and completely original and independent articles,sometimes crazy articles and also drawings that i still try to improve myself, you can follow and support me.Hey al least you can comment to encourage me !! Give up looking selfies with mini tits... :)

In Day 4-2, one of my previous writings, I explained almost all the fundementals of long exposure at night. If you want to read this article please read first Day 4-2.

Winter nights are long, cold. And for lots of animals on the mountain are enjoyable times for hunting. Apart from that, the stars are great times in exposure or long exposure. By making a long exposure in winter days, you gain an advantage in 2-3 things.

So what aere these things?

One of them is camera sensor.The sensor of the camera, which operates for a long time in cold weather in winter, becomes less warm. This minimizes red dot formation on the sensor.

The places we choose to expose stars at night are generally deserted places and are far from the city. If we shoot in the summer, because everyone goes on vacation, the light sources increase in these desolate places and this negatively affects the quality of our long exposure shootings. In the winter months, the places where we shoot long exposure pictures are completely deserted. It would be good quality for us to pose the sky because there is no one other than the locals.

The third and most important advantage is that there will be no insects which bite your arm,leg and bother you:) But there would be wild animals as i wrote before...

Meanwhile how is going on life with Corona Virus?

I have been unemployed for almost 2 months and frankly I started to think more about what will happen economically rather than getting caught. There is a lockdown for two days here, and it is said that the process of normalization will begin from 1 June. Unfortunately, our country is very weak economically. Unfortunately,our government is not a strong and mindful government. A typical middle east government. A group of dishonest personalities who deceive people with religion and put everyone in poverty and put on all the money of the country.

Anyway, this issue is really annoying. The formation of a clumsy government in the head of the country. So what systems can be used in payments. For example, I look at the contactless payment options with the card. But as far as I know, it is easier to hack the card in shopping this way...So what can be done. Will governments switch to chip systems? Your salary or something will be defined in a chip that is defined to you and somehow attached to your body, and when you want to buy something, you will get what you want to get with retina scanning and similar things. It would be interesting...

We will wait and see what happens in the near future...

Take care yourself and have a nice day.

Everything you can see in this article is belongs to me. Pictures,Writings and maybe sometimes Drawings,all of them belongs to me. If not,it is remarked before the article.


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those are awesome photos. I like how you did the same shot with a different speed... looks very enchanting!

Actually it is small differences between the shots one of them, stars are just waiting but second one stars start to move...

By the way thank you for your support and nice comment...

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