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RE: Family Dinners and a Cuppa

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How do you do this?

You posted this 1 hour ago, and you already received comments, including a book-sized one.
Most people do not (or rarely) get comments.
Is there any secret, besides having a lot of Hive Power?
Please do not tell me to interact with others, because I am already doing it, and it does not work. Probably because I currently have low amount of Hive power, and most of the people are trying to get the attention of people, who have high amount of Hive power.

I posted a movie review approximately also 1 hour ago (I spent hours and hours on the writing), and I even promoted it, but no one cares about it so far.


I have interacted with these same people when I had 50 hive power. Nothing has changed at all. The only thing I can say is that I have always tried to interact with people and I have no expectations. I have posted for $0.03 and I have posted for much more. I do not promote any of my posts.

I cannot help if I have a little Hive Power. I have actually worked pretty hard to get it, without the aid of bid bots or vote-buying. Not sure what to tell you. I have no secrets.

Then I guess that I mostly interact with the wrong people then.
People used to ignore my posts, no matter what I post, what I do, what I write about. People usually ignore even my giveaways/contest. Recently I got 3 people to participate in a Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) giveaway/contest in 5 days.
But the real, human comments are rare.
Maybe I start writing only for myself, and I simply forget about the almost non-existent social part of this blockchain.
To be honest, it is very disappointing. Especially after almost 4 years of trying (since 2017.05.17).

I still say to interact. Its the only answer I have for you. Make shorter post that dont take hours and go out and interact.

Good luck to you!

This is funny, because nowadays I usually write short posts, and some people say that I should write longer posts, and put the work and effort in them, but when I do that, people still ignore my posts. I am slowly coming to a conclusion that it is not worth to post anything for the audience. The audience probably does not even exists. And this is not just/only me. 90% of the Hive blockchain users write posts, but not (or rarely) comments.