A Letter to Me in 2019

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Dear 2019 self,

The year seems to be ending on a good note for you, you got a temporary job, you'd be spending Christmas with your loved one and all seems well currently. I'd like you to enjoy every moment of your happiness, never dwelling on the what-ifs but fully enjoying these moments as they come.

Your friend has been yapping about buying Etherum for a while, you should listen to her and buy some because you're going to regret it in exactly a year's time if you don't.

The coming year is going to be tough, remember what I said about enjoying your happy moments? Seize it because you'd need the memories to thrive the coming months. Enjoy your time at work and learn as much as you can, don't let the negativity of others at home or anywhere get to you. Do not cower, unlearn it. Speak up and be less bothered about the opinions of such people. You're a grown woman for Christ sake! Don't be a push-over.

Remember your hive account? It's time to clean out the cobwebs and get to writing. Express yourself, write your stories, get busy! No, hive doesn't hate you, you're yet to work your way around and build an actual audience. People would love your writing, I promise. The right time is now.

Lastly, as already implied, the coming year would be tough, brace up and do the things you love doing. Remember to place yourself high and not spend even one moment looking down on yourself. Life comes at you fast but remember, you got this.

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Thanks @lauramica for the invite. This is my letter to me in 2019 initiated by @livinguktaiwan.


Once in awhile we need this kind of letters, advice and encouragement

We really do need to talk to ourselves

What about Ethereum? I still don't know much about cryptocurrencies.

The price skyrocketed. If I had bought some earlier, I would have a lot more money now

Ooh, damn.

Thanks for join me in this initiative 💕💕💕