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Hello HIVE!

Welcome to the sixth edition of the No Great Post Left Behind curation initiative. The goal of this initiative is to highlight posts that are very good/great but were somehow missed by curators and also highlight those who need a bit of engagement like Introduction posts, Hive related topics, etc. We know that bad feeling when you create something good and it got missed by the community.

To avoid that, this is our second chance to cast some upvotes/comments and make our members happy and satisfied.

PS I will also add intro posts so that we can welcome our newest members to our lovely community.

So, let's get started with this! :)


If you wonder how I manually curate and find these posts, you can read about it here. I'm already back with 100% manual curation and I'm glad I am in the position to help others and motivate our community members. We are family and family never leaves its members behind. Rite? :)

BTW, clicking on the thumbnail will direct you to the post.


Seven Days, Seven Games: Day 3: Stuff the Stocking by @wwwiebe
Current rewards: 0.95 HIVE

Current rewards: 0.60 HIVE


TUTORIAL to draw a Mandala! by @bimaladevi
Current rewards: 0.05 HIVE

[ENG-ESP] Dibujando Al Actor Robin Williams// Drawing Actor Robin Williams by @dibujografit
Current rewards: 1.33 HIVE

Spanish and English Atrevete a aprender Junto a mi!!! Delicado Zarcillo de Soutache con borla de hilo ** Dare to learn with me !!! Delicate Soutache tendril with string tassel by @marleyn
Current rewards: 0.10 HIVE


Why do we get sick? - ¿Por qué nos enfermamos? by @benavides54
Current rewards: 0.13 HIVE


[Eng-Esp] HiveCommunities - Communities Discovery Initiative. / HiveCommunities - Iniciativa de descubrimiento de comunidades. by @gertu
Current rewards: 0.26 HIVE

We need a new DAO/proposal system. by @a1-shroom-spores
Current rewards: 1.29 HIVE


Friday cooking contest: Cabaza pancakes ... accompanied by fresh papaya and carrot and orange juice.🥞🎃🥕🍊 by @larka
Current rewards: 0.18 HIVE

Feel free to check out these posts and throw a few UPVOTES/comments, here and there. We all know how much engagement is important and how much it can motivate others when they see comments on their post.

PS I will not create this post daily because we have a great curating and there are not many great posts left behind. As soon as I find a few of them, I will create a post.

Thanks for helping HIVE!

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


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Disiz not a chjoke!


Thank you for viewing my post and I am very grateful to be included in your post.

The pleasure is mine. Glad to be able to stumble on so many great posts!

Thank you very much friend , your assessment is really comforting and appreciated by me, because that is a great encouragement for everyone. My premise has always been to do the best I can. I mean, I always want to do my best. Thank you for appreciating the effort, not only mine but also that of all those you named here, my respects for you and for all those who contribute something positive to this platform. Thank you.


Muchas gracias amigo , es realmente reconfortante y apreciado por mi tu valoración, porque eso es un gran estímulo para todos. Mi premisa siempre ha sido hacer las cosas lo mejor que puedo. Quiero decir, siempre quiero hacer mi mejor esfuerzo. Gracias por agradecer el esfuerzo, no solo el mío sino también el de todos los que aquí nombraste, mis respetos para ti y para todos los que aportan algo positivo a esta plataforma. Gracias.

My pleasure man! I am glad to be able to hel at least a bit and motivate others to keep going hard!

Hive on!

Thank you friend for this excellent comment ... I'm glad you like my post! I will continue to offer good Posts to my Hive family.

Thanks a lot, that's the way to go. My pleasure to find u!

Hive on!

Thank you

Keep up the good work bro

I will, it's my sincere pleasure to help around.

Hey, thanks for the shout out! I had no idea this was here. Going to check out some of the other posts now!

Yeah, it's just the 6th edition so it's new. I hope to help you a bit!


oh! thanks for choosing my post! <3 I appreciate the support, it is very nice to find this type of initiative in this community! I love it!!.. thanks!

I'm glad to find you!

Thanks a lot, it really means a lot and motivates me to keep it going!


😃🥳Thanks for the support! and the mention 👍🤗

My pleasure :)