Flowering Tree - Desert Willow for #TreeTuesday

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I discovered this pretty tree a few days ago around sunset in this church garden.

My plant App identified it as a Desert Willow.
Not a true willow but in the catalpa family.

There was even a monarch enjoying one of the blossoms!

I just left the photos with the evening light.
I liked how they looked at twilight.







Have a Blessed Day!


July 28, 2020
All original photos taken on my iPhone8+


Such an interesting tree.

Are those fruits it forms behind the flowers, or are those additional flower buds forming?

I think it looks like more blossoms from my photo. I’ll go back and look sometime this week. It’s very close to my house and I love walking thru that garden. It’s so peaceful!

Look at you! Waves hello!

I love this tree, especially the bell-shaped flowers hanging their heads. I can see they are a very favorite of the monarchs. You even caught two monarch caterpillars! I hope they form their pupa there, so you can watch the emergence of it in the full cycle!

How exciting.

Back to the tree, it is gorgeous and perfect #TreeTuesday pictures. Thanks for the reminder!


Thank you Denise!

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Beautiful tree, Violet. Love this shot. 205C68DF77124C5FA991813579826A02.jpg

Thank you! It had rained earlier and knocked down some of those blossoms. I always love to see flowers scattered around like that! 😊

Similar flowers on the Catalpa ...

Do you have Catalpa where you live?

Oh yes . Have 2 big ones in my yard..

resent post...https://peakd.com/hive-127788/@manorvillemike/stand-alone-catalpa-tree

Nice! I read your post! They are beautiful trees!

This is really cool! What a lovely graceful tree! And those definitely look like catalpa blooms.

Thank you! It is a beautiful tree!

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Excelente, el avistamiento de la mariposa monarca. Es útil para los registros zoológicos. aliriera

¡Gracias!¡Siempre es emocionante para mí cuando veo una mariposa!

I never saw a tree like that. I really love those pretty blooms!

Beautiful, It feels so much like Spring in the picture but I imagine it is summer.

This tree is not a true willow but the hanging branches seem to greet us like a willow.

I say it is a very humble flowering desert tree. 🌳