Black Swallowtail Caterpillars

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Nothing makes this butterfly gardener happier than seeing caterpillars on the host plants and butterflies necatering or laying eggs on the host plants in her garden!

These caterpillars first appeared on a couple of rue plants. See the first 2 photos.



A couple of days ago, I noticed the rue leaves were rapidly being eaten and might not be sufficient food for these 2 caterpillars.

So I placed a large fennel plant close to them and by the next morning they had each moved onto the fennel.
The rest of the photos below are from today when they moved to the fennel plant.





I knew that these particular swallowtails can feed on dill, parsley, rue or fennel.
They might be ready to crawl off and change into the chrysalis stage as soon as tonight or tomorrow!

Have a Blessed Day!


July 31, 2020
All original photos taken on my iPhone8+


Thank you for taking care of these creatures. There is a delicate balance in nature and they need a bees and butterflies can always use a little boost.

I'm thinking about growing dill. I kind of miss dill in my pickles.

Yes, you should! Do you have a good place to grow some herbs?

The window sill is the best place. I think the bugs will eat it all up outside.

They are attractive 😊

I usually see mine on dill, but have precious little of that this year....

Excelentes imágenes. Me pregunto: ¿si además del papel en la polinización, hacen algún daño en el vegetal?

Beautiful capture of one of my favorite butterflies, they sure love dill and parsley to grow fat for there transformation.