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RE: Draw Moly In Your Style Contest Results - Winners and Entries

in GEMS5 months ago

I love all the entries. The diversity of drawing styles. No two artists are the same yet it's the same Molly. Great idea for a challenge.


I love this activity!

On Instagram is a very common challenge and I'm happy to bring this activity to HIVE and happier with the great response from all the users. I'm going to bring more activities to this community so more people can participate, it does not matter if they are artists or not the idea is to enjoy it.

Thank you for your comment! 😃😄🙂🙏🙏🙏❤️❣️💓

Please do introduce more. I always think everyone can draw/paint if they set their mind to it and fun challenges like this can create the interest.

Yes! I agree! I'm already thinking in more dynamics and I'm open for suggestions and comments.