Start now before the need arises.

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Constant improvement in all area is the only way to have a perfect life. So before we start, take a deep breath and ask yourself this important question, “what is the next thing I need to build in my life”?

This will not be a long article, I like to get straight to the point. I worked with a company years ago and I was receiving a salary that was highly bigger than my experience. I also had time because I worked 3 days a week. The salary sums to around #400,000 in my local currency. I felt I have arrived in life and I just need to stick to the Job and build my empire when I feel like.


After 8 months working for the company, the management dissolved all the members of my crew and we were laid off. This happened without notice. It was like an overnight decision for the management team.

I left the company and started a personal business. Because of my type of lifestyle, I could not manage the business myself, I employed 3 guys, and they connived and ran away with all my money. I had nothing more to fall back on, except my crypto life. Then I started thinking of adding more skills to my life. I started learning to code with the pain of failure. I could have used the time I had then to learn skills that would add more values to my life, but I focused on making money and enjoying life. So, it is important to build your life before you need to. This applies to every area of our life, health, knowledge, skills, margin safety funds and so on.


Health: Do not wait until you are sick before you build to enjoy good health.

Knowledge: You don’t have to fall a fool before you improve your knowledge. You should ensure you learn something new every day.

Skill: You don’t wait until you have no alternative before you learn.

Safety funds: There are unforeseen circumstances that require quick funds. You don’t have to wait until the need arises before you act.

No matter the benefits you are enjoying now, start building the aspects of your life that you need to build.

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