How to Become a Professional in your field.

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I published a similar post some months ago about the differences between Amateurs from Professionals. I pinpointed some facts there, but I shared a little of my personal experiences.

In what so ever profession you are trying to build yourself, you may find it hard to be a professional if you need motivations to work. Don’t get this wrong, motivation helps you to do something better, and it is important but the zeal to keep you pushing when you are weak, when you don’t feel like, when you lost all motivation is the value that makes you a professional.

I have been eating healthily and I try to stay active always. I decided to skip 1000 times every day in my house. I kept doing it, and I feel the great improvement in my health and body shape. So, there are obvious benefits in doing something consistently, but why do we find it hard to keep doing things of value?


After some weeks of consistent skipping, when it got to a point, I find it hard to continue, and I lost consistency, my fitness level reduced, and everything came back to my previous self. I have been coding for over a year, and at some point, I lose the consistency to code. I find it hard to write a line of code, but I realized the pain in becoming a pro coder. A staunch Champion comes from everyday work, and professionals work based on schedule, but amateurs allow emotions, feelings, moods and other life factors to get in the way.

I read an article on the internet where someone wrote about the great boxer, Muhammed Ali, when he was fighting and winning every fight. He said Muhammed was Jogging in the snow early in the morning and a man met him and said, “Wow, Ali, I see that you like to jog in the snow”. He replied: “I don’t like to jog in the snow, but I like to stay Champion forever”. This clearly show that there is a pain of being a professional and the best.

The pain to be a Pro and relevant.

There is a pain to bear in whatsoever you want to become. Working hard causes a lot. Denzel Washington said, “working hard is what successful people do”. No matter what you trying to achieve in life, it is a continuous practice that builds you up over time, and if you practice or work only when you feel convenient, you may never attain the peak.

Becoming a pro in thing(s) you do is not as hard as you may think, but is not a so easy thing. I will list 3 factors that will help you stay consistent.

  • Choose a field

Most of the times, this is the problem. Many smart people make mistakes in this, and when they get to a point, they lost everything. You must know what you want for yourself and choose it right. Know your strength, know your weaknesses, check your field if one of your weaknesses would affect you, overcome the weakness before you start. I have a brother that hates sitting down for long hours; I told him if you can’t sit with a computer for hours, you can’t learn to code.

  • Plan for everyday

Once you have chosen your path, plan your every day around it. Do not set goals to achieve tasks that will not let you continue the second day. Work with achievable goals and plan based on the work you want to do, not on results you want to get. Appreciate your everyday growth, no matter how little.

  • Stick with your daily plans. Use the Seinfeld Method.


Do not break the chain. Jerry Seinfeld is a professional writer and comedian. He worth over $300 million and he is known for his simple consistency method that handed him success. He simply uses a calendar to create a chain of consistency on work, and he would never break the chain.

It may be hard to be doing the same thing every day over and over, but take 7 days on your calendar and start your work. Make every day your workdays and never miss a day in 7 days. After 7days, you will not like to break the chain you are creating. Planning doesn’t make you a professional, what makes you pro is following your daily tasks for growth. Now, I ensure I code 4 hours a day, and I have been doing great coding.

Don’t wait for anyone. It is your responsibility to grow.

Thank you!


Good post.
Yes, becoming a professional in any field is not easy. In addition to talent one has to work a lot a stay persistent. I like the Muhammed Ali example!
Something similar happens in my field, everyone likes to play music but not everyone likes to practice. However, without persistent practicing noone can become a professional musician.