Enjoy your failure while learning.

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I will start by quoting Dan John: Dan John is a weightlifting coach that always keeps things simple but not easy.

I think there are two keys to success. One is to show up. The other one is to keep going. Most people don’t keep going. _Dan John

The question here is why people don’t keep going?

Failure, disappointment, lack of energy and so on.


Why do we feel disappointed? Disappointment comes when you put your mind on high expectation and things don’t go in your way. It is terrible to set high expectation when you are just starting or learning something. Everyone does not learn the same skill at the same time. We all have different learning capability and it does not mean if it takes a person 1 year and takes another 2 years, what matters is the commitment.


You should not stop because you feel disappointed in your performance when you are still learning as an amateur. You should enjoy your failures as the chance to know the wrong ways of doing things. You should not feel bad until you perform poorly after many years of experience.

Didi Chanoch is a brilliant writer with over 25 years of experience. He was the community manager of the Blog category of Utopian before I took over. His common advice for all writers is to write simple and not to impress. Also, he always points out many errors in my texts and criticize me and other writers in the community. But I always liked his feedback, even when some seem like attacks. I see them as a chance to improve my work and get better.

LeBron James has put in 21 years of his life to Basketball and he is a pro. Whenever he fails in a game, he is allowed to feel disappointed because of the years he has invested in hard work for improvement.

Cristiano Ronaldo should feel disappointed when he cannot deliver for his team because is a pro.

Mark Zuckerberg should feel disappointed when he makes bad decisions for his organization because of his years in business and tech.

So, we should not be disappointed because we are still learning and we should show up every day and keep going.

Show up every day.


You don’t become a pro in a day. You must enjoy your failure and disappointment for learning. You are learning; you are gaining, and you are winning every day you show up. Every day you show up is a chance to learn and get better.

What has made people like @emrebeyler, @holger80 and other good guys here good developer? I heard about how @emrebeyler learnt to code. It was “showing up” that made him a good coder.

We often feel bad when our first business fails. We feel back when no one vote over the post on Hive. We feel bad when we put the effort of $60, but get only $0.30 on a publication. We feel disappointed working hard to be in good shape, but nothing seems to work well.

Most success comes with showing up every day. Coming back, no matter the outcome of the last effort. The struggle is the path to success and to be a professional. Failures are the chance to know the wrong ways of doing things and considering them always.

Wake up every day to show up and keep going.

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It is something that seems to be hardwired inside our brains and in society. I think the most successful people are those who can mute that ringing of disapproval towards failure every time they decide to go on a new venture. And the rest of use tend to still be paralyzed by it thinking of the negative sides of the "what if..."

You are right. Thanks for your input.