Building on Hive and Beyond (All value for Hive)

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This blog is the continuation of the 10 reasons you should support the Gitplait community. Building on Hive and Beyond is the second reason.

The Hive Blockchain is still in its first year and is already a success as we can see, but we need to keep planning on bringing in more people. There are three sets of people that are joining this chain daily.

First, the one that is looking for a place to earn money to fix their daily needs. Second is the one that loves the concept of the chain and like to be part. The third is the investors that are looking for a good place to invest their cash and get a return with little or no effort. Among these three sets of people, investors are the most useful as they will probably affect the blockchain utility token to have more value. However, every one of these settings is useful for growth and traffic.

Causing Collaboration to build


Hive already has some wizards/exceptional developers that are building cool stuff for the community to enjoy. But we could do more. Hive is not yet the most populous blockchain in the world, but we can’t hope it will be, we have to do some things to make it happen.

Many people in this chain wish to build some interesting projects that could bring in some set of niches to use this blockchain, but the cost to get Developers to work is difficult. I receive message daily from many people asking me to help them. Most of the ideas shared with me are very good, but some will go null as there are no resources and they help to build. The Utopian project on Steem birthed many outstanding projects through its Open Source Economy, but it could not continue for some reasons.

Gitplait aims to be the source of the building for all these dreams and ideas of the people. We aim to build a sustainable means of running the project whereby people would build, learn and collaborate in a motivating way. This will cause more Dapps to spring out of Hive and more projects outside the blockchain.

Onboarding on Hive


Populating this blockchain is one of our sole aims. We cannot achieve this if we can’t offer anything to the people we are bringing in. I have invited over 20 people to this chain; I gave them accounts, but only 6 could stay active because of their fuel of interest are yet to finish, and I keep adding more fuel through supports.

GitPlait as a body will work on bringing in developers, tech personnels and anyone that wishes to learn the technology ways of life. This is our aim and focus. The world is changing and we want to build the technical armies of the future.

Support us so we can make things happen

While we have a more sustainable plan to make this community work well through our UI, we need support to keep up things. Tutorials, devs works, tech blogs, bugs, and other things we do in the community are works that deserve to be rewarded. We would be glad to get the support of delegations from the community, supports from the Big whales to curate in our community, and follow our curation trail on These three ways will help us kick up our work and make to the community to be active.



To delegate, use the links or adjust 10HIVE, 20HIVE, 50HIVE, 100HIVE, 200HIVE, 500HIVE, 1,000HIVE, 10,000HIVE, 100,000HIVE

WE GIVE 80% OF THE CURATION REWARD TO THE DELEGATORS. Support us in giving value to the community.

We have a curation trial on and we would be glad to see more people following us as we curate QUALITY on Hive. link

Thank you for reading!!!