Book Review, Divine by Karen Kingsbury

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This will be my first book review. I read this book a long time ago, and I love the story within as it truly depicts the title, divine.

Mary Madison, a young woman who grew up in a rather broken home, unsure of her paternity and also unsure of the job her mother was doing. She and her mother were always on the move from one debtor to another. Unknown to her tender mind, her mother worked as a sex worker just to make ends meet. Her mother was also into drugs and couldn’t stop, no matter how her grandmother warned. They lived most of their lives on the streets, cold, hungry and lonely! Because Mary was extremely adorable, her mother used her as a bait to beg for money when there were no more options.

One night, her mother took her to visit her grandmother, who gave her a gift; a small red beaded purse that had writings on it. Because she and her mother never lived a stable life, Mary didn’t attend a school. So, she couldn’t read, neither could she write. But the words on the paper in the red beaded purse read, “I know the plans I have for you.”

That same night, Mary had a little chitchat with her grandma, whom she called Grandma Peggy. Grandma Peggy played a really important role in her life. She wanted to take Mary so she could give her a better life, take her to school and introduce her to Jesus.

Grandma Peggy confessed this love to Mary and told her how much she wished Mary was always with her. she also told Mary that she plans to keep Mary all to herself and take care of her and her mom.


Unknown to them, Mary’s mother Jayne eavesdropped on them and heard their discussion. She felt insecure and took Mary away that same night took her to Jimbo’s house!

Jimbo is one of Jayne’s mean debtors whom she partially worked for. He also lived with his wife, Lou. That night, Jimbo and his wife kidnapped Mary and took her to a place very far away from where Mary was used to. Far away from grandma Peggy, far away from her mama and she never heard from her mama again.

There, they enslaved little Mary into the sex trade at a very tender age of ten. At Grandma Peggy’s house, she taught Mary how to pray. In this new house, they kept her in the basement. But Mary never forgot to take her grandma’s gift along with her Jimbo, deflowered her, followed by tons of other men who took turns on her daily and paid good money to Jimbo. When Mary tried to protest, Jimbo would beat her up and lock her up. He would also sometimes tie her up for days and starve her for being stubborn. Mary prayed but got no reply from God. So she enjoyed her life other than living in self-pity, by lying and pretending to enjoy what she was doing with men.

Five years after her kidnap, Mary’s hostages got discovered, and she got rescued. They also took her to the police station where she stayed with foster parents who made her feel loved. They taught her how to read, write, drive and many other things. A family later adopted her. But the father of the home, Mr Lakes, tried to assault her one night.

Mary ran away from that home, to look for her grandma Peggy. She took one of the family’s car with her. She got caught and convicted for auto theft and placed in a juvenile detention centre for three years. Mary studied hard and got a certificate in clerical tasks. She later got reconciled with her grandmother through the various publicity her rescue brought.

After some time, Mary met Nigel, the man who changed her life for good and introduced her to Jesus. Though she fell deeply in love with this man, at first it was lust.


It took Nigel a very long time to drag her to church because Mary didn’t understand the true meaning of the LOVE of Christ. She only believed in the fake love those men in the basement professed to her. But when she attended one of Nigel’s classes, her life changed for good and she gave her life to God completely.

Mary got to learn the importance of serving God whole heartedly with everything, including her body. So she decided not to get married. But devoted her time and founded various foundations for young women who passed through similar experiences as she did. Emma was one of those women!

Her grandmother served as her guardian angel and taught her how to grow spiritually.

Mary used this story to change many women who had similar experiences by encouraging them. Telling them that;

No matter how dirty your situation may look, Jesus Christ is the only DIVINE rescue, and He is always ready to save, deliver and decorate you despite anything.


A lot of young people face abuse at a very tender age, and this affects many people and some remain lost for life. I think there should be more serious laws that will ensure anyone that is found guilty of such ill behavior should be thoroughly dealt with.

The world needs a change and the change start from the mind.

Thank you!