The Words of Critics.

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I guess no1 is new to the word "criticism". Since as we go through all our life's work, we tend to meet critics one way or another. Although some have the best intentions in mind for us but others have the intention to bring us down.

It is said that for you to be criticized, it means that he/she cares enough to write or air out their opinion to you. Such person could have used that time to do something else, but instead, he/she decided to clear you on things therefore showing that he/she cares one way or another for you.
Every time I receive a new criticism, I celebrate because that means that I have just reached someone who doesn’t really agree with what I did. I think what you should be worried about is if you don't get criticized at all because it just means that you are not doing anything right. Receiving criticism means that you are now reaching people whom you’ve never reached before then. From there, you can share ideas. People won't just criticize you if they don’t think you are worth criticizing.

Criticism opens your eyes to see things from different angles.
Criticism stirs up as a result of a conflict in divers opinions. When you do or say something and someone has a different opinions and hence the criticism. So, whenever you receive criticism, you are hearing a different viewpoint therefore try to learn and see things from their angle before you react because that's a point you might not of thought of before.

Criticism is a form of honesty as it lets you know what others truly think. I prefer to be with someone who openly shares what he/she thinks rather than someone who thinks those very thoughts BUT keeps them to him/herself. With the first person, at least what I see is what I get. With the other, its just complicated. The actions I take after hearing the critique is a separate thing altogether I can choose to listen to that critique or look away, but at least I’m now aware of my options.

Criticism helps you improve on your ideas.
Criticism lets you know your blind spots so that you can work on them. The more blind spots you uncover about yourself, the faster you grow.

Criticism can push you into action. Ever had a time where a criticism kicked you into action? I’ve had that. A well-timed criticism, delivered in an appropriate manner, can provide a much-needed insight which then ignites you into action.

As I said earlier, some people might have the best interest for you at heart when they criticize you but end up delivering it in a foul manner while others might just do it out of spite. What i always do is pick what I wish to pick from their opinion and trash out the negativity because I don't really need it.


This is what have worked for me over the years. Gat something to share??
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