Finding the Right Stuffs To Blog About

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Good day fellow bees, I trust you are all doing well.


Welcome to my blog.

Let's jump right into the discussion for the day "How can I draw attentions to my blog".
The most common issue amongst every body in this community is facing is coming up with the right post. It takes time to sit, study and observe what is needed in the community that can really attract attention.
Although some members have made it easy for us by providing contests and challenges but yet, some new comers are actually left out from all these simply because they don't know what they are looking for. So if you are reading this and you are new well then count yourself lucky as this post will give you an idea of what you can look for on the hive community and if you already know what to look for, still check out this post. No knowledge is a waste.

Let's start with contests and challenges

There are are so many different contest and challenges out there that so many hivians are participating there catching the attentions of them "ogas at the top", so don't be left out. Below are some of the active and past contests / challenge.

@monochromes#monomadBlack & White Community
@roadstories#hivepetscontestHive Pets Community
@lucianav#MakeupChallengeMakeup power
@fibra59#photobombchallengePhoto Bomb Challenge
#iamalivechallengeI Am Alive Challenge

You can also join communities if you are a fan of their projects. Some common communities and descriptions are as follows;

GEMSThis is a collective curation community formed by @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale. You can post your genuine and creative content in this community to get more support. You can post in languages other than English. There are not many restrictions but just few simple ones and they expect you to adhere to them. Join the discord group to keep yourself updated: Plagiarism will be highly discouraged. Hate Speech is not allowed
OCDFormerly known as Operation Curation Delegation, shifted their curation focus to support a diverse selection of niche communities. They guide newcomers and users to the correct communities so they're used the way they were meant to. Having a rich variety of communities, all with dedicated moderators and curators will make for a much better experience for new users and creators to find the right place and for quality to thrive. Join the Discord: Rules:
Only post original content created by you. Post in English or English + your native language in the same post. The commuity will generally refrain from voting on Political, Religious, Drama and Cryptocurrency/Technical Analysis content and any posts that would fit better in the communities we're supporting. Try and submit your content to the more appropriate communities before OCD, unless you feel it doesn't belong in any and is original content that works with our rules. Cross-posting from the other communities to get visibility from OCD's subscribers is okay as long as the original is posted there. Constant ignoring of our warnings to post your content in the other communities will get you muted.
LEOfinanceUsing their Hive-based token (LEO) they reward content creators and users for engaging on their platform at and within the community on the Hive blockchain. Discord server ( The rules on the community are as follows; Content should be related to the financial space (i.e. crypto, equities, etc. etc.). Posts created from their personal interface ( are eligible for upvotes from @leo.voter and will automatically be posted to their Hive community, the front end and other Hive front ends as well. Posts in LEO's community are also eligible to earn their native token (LEO) in conjunction with HIVE post rewards. If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to reach out to them on twitter (@financeleo) .

5k2tWE6P7gjtWGNDHKvBHJvQx6BKhSv9R17EM4Un.png 2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnCPzUfkPYS2yXQez.png

Other communities include;


Rewarding your everyday activity
admin: @mcfarhat

Project HOPE

We love topics related to technology, blockchain, AI, cybersecurity. As well as economy, business and marketing.
admins: @project.hope, @crypto.piotr and @juanmolina


Bangladeshi curation and support community
admin: @bdcommunity

Hive Pets

A community dedicated to the care and love of our pets
admin: @roadstories

Amazing Nature

Dedicated to all Nature-Lovers out and their amazing posts, no matter if Zoology, Botany, Landscapes or Philosophy ^^
admin: @adalger

Natural Medicine

Celebrating & Rewarding Natural Health. Rewarding with HIVE and LOTUS. WWW.NATURALMEDICINE.IO
admins:@riverflows, @alchemage and 2 others



Lastly, some of these contests might have ended at the point of your reading so incase this is the situation, all you have to do is simply search for contests and hopefully somethings will pop up.

Till next time, keep on buzzing,

yours truely, @trojan4


Asides having a good posts and knowing where to publish, there are more better ways of getting attention to your blog and that is by engaging with other authors.

One needs to build relationships with other authors by actively engaging in their publications through comments. If one do this then no how, their blog would get attention by people they have communicated with.

As they say, Engagement is key!!

You should engage more brother and post often. It would help you a lot! Do take care...

I checked some of your posts and saw different communities. Do they also help??

Truth is no vote is guaranteed in any community. I am running a community also.. You can check it out here

Yeah atleast with the right community, they won't be lost

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