Bulgaria is located in the extreme south east of Europe, a country of natural Fairy Tale||Customer Travel Story #21 2020

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You go some fountains there already you know look it's 9:30 in the morning you see some people already out and about excellent nice sunny day that's a bit of the square and then you got the walking street which that way leads to the old town which way are we gonna go check out his art on the on the building this is some of the some of the roman ruins preserved as you see from you can go down but i don't fancy any more steps i had enough uphill downhill you will find after coming from the park











You've got some nice restaurants sitting outside here areas and look this is some of the ruins that's been recently discovered they got loads of these fountains which is really nice and the casinos are open casinos are open not saying i i'm gonna gamble but they got much push on check out this graffiti everywhere in this country you find graffiti even they got it on that wall there on the cliff wall cliff face look at her yes was the capital of culture 2019 plummeting was i'll show you in a minute i'll show you in a minute down there mm-hmm and this is the ancient stadium of philippinos
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