Price of Daria Dragonscale 1 Year Ago …

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Hi Everyone,

I was checking what cards I can improve from my collection it has bought me back looking the prices on some of the older cards I have bought and kept. The one that really have done well was the Daria Dragonscale. You can check my post here which I wrote about the ups and down of this card and it was already pretty huge in %.

From my old post, I was kicking myself for selling some at 45c thinking it was high but at the time I was writing its was worth 55c. Did I mention I bought some at 30c back in the days!?! Honestly I don’t remember what I paid for them but I’m glad I still have this post to remind me. Now look at the price of 1 card at the time of writing, $1.93! If you calculate the time I bought the very same card at 30c, that’s like 6x profit. Even at 55c when I took that old screenshot, you would be nearly 4x better off now.

Screen Shot 20200613 at 11.33.38 pm.png

Continuing on makes me extra sad. I don't even remember selling a gold Daria Dragonscale for $8 back in the days! At the time of writing a year ago, it was $30 hence why I was shocked but then, it’s done. I was lucky and ended up with a second gold Daria Dragonscale and I kept it till today as I don’t want to repeat the same mistake. At the time of writing this post, there is one selling at $17.90. Although it is not $30 like a year ago as I suspect there are more cards on offer hence the popularity has dropped a bit, it is still a valuable card to keep and worth having. I cannot stress enough how many these cards on Splinterlands are growing in value and will continue to do so as people understand the potential of each card.


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Dammit i think i got all my darias from quest rewards i got about 3 but recently just combined them all...i love that holding the cards long term is worth it

Combining them is not a bad idea either as it’s pretty useful. Holding is great and then we start to feel like a hoarder 😂

I just really need to increase the level of my summoners and i think im okay.....

Im holding the gold foils longer, infact I'm holding everything holdable lol

Whoaaaa! 😱
I've got Daria but not gold. 😱😱
I really wish I heavily invested in monster cards early on. Alphas and Beta cards are pretty pricey these days.

Yahhh and I still remember we were at your place with @mattclarke and 007 talking about the game etc .... I wish I spent more too 😭

 6 months ago 

This thing's going to be a juggernaut.

17.90$ to 30.00$ good growth. I use magic attacks cards so i am using delwyn dragonscale instead of this. But yes daria dragonscale is the best summoner for melee attack monster.

last week i sell my mimosa nightshade so that i can buy more untamed pack, now i regret that i do it, what i got from the pack is bunch of cards that i already had but not enough to lvl up, it's value can't compared to my dearest mimosa, i miss it 😭