Users guide to Hive Keys & roles ! Infographics

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When you first register your Hive account, you're given your master password, a single complicated character you need to remember to log in to your Hive account. However, your Hive account is protected by multiple keys/passwords which each has specific roles.

Many new users have very difficulty in understanding the keys provided to them. So I have prepared the infographics which explains the keys and their roles. This would not have been possible without the help of @azircon and @lemony-cricket. Thank you so much for your support to create this infographic which i believe will be helpful for the users.

user guide to hive keys and roles-03.png

You are free to use this file in any way

Please download in pdf format here >>

The goal with this infographic post is to give information about the keys and roles and how to secure their account.

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Well done. I think the product can be used at any front facing pages of hive.

Thankyou ! hope so

Awesome graphic! I just added it to the end up my post from 3 days ago for further clarification.

Great !

We definitely need more info graphics!

Brilliant stuff!

Very clean and easy to follow. A must have for all new Hive members!