Time management: How I manage my time

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We are engaged in different activities. Day by day we all are becoming busy. Sometimes we have to do multiple activities simultaneously.

But our time is limited, it is not increasing with time. So this is important to deploy our time in an efficient manner for the maximum utilisation of our life.

It's really so tough. But if you can do this, than you will find, you have a lot of time more remaining unused. Only then you will be able to do something more and to be different than others.

I am not discussing about any theories. Today I am only focusing on my lifestyle specially related with time management.

You kno that I am a teacher of an engineering college. I have to conduct both theoretical and practical classes. Besides these, I have to engage with different extr curricular activities in my campus.

I have to examine the answer scripts and set questions for different examinations. Besides it incurreshuge time for the preparation of next day classes.

I like to read and write. So I need some leisure for my recreation with literature related issues. You know that I also like to write on blockchain like Hive. So it demands some extra time.

Doing all above, I maintain my family and friends. I have a cute little daughter and a nice family. I put a part of my times for them.


I always try to adjust my time in such a manner that I can do all things efficiently. Though I can't use my time 100% effectively, but my time management is not so bad.

On this video I have discussed about this issue how I manage all of these simultaneously.


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That’s the good point bro, we can easily understand the importance of time management when we enter our real life profession. Still I am following my daily routine. Thanks for sharing everything of your daily life.

Though I pass the whole day busy. I try to utilise my time fruitfully.

I become motivated by some people like you who manages their time so efficiently. I become surprised thinking how you do such lot of works every day!

This is very true brother I agree with you because those who have been successful in life have valued time very much and they have given priority to time in every field, they have adapted themselves to time and they have been successful in life. Thanks for share your thoughts.

But a matter of sorrow, most of the younger passes their maximum time do nothing. They waste lot of time. If they could understand!

Honestly, I didn't understand the importance of time before, but now that the profession has come to life, time is telling me how and when to do it and I'm trying to use time very well, but I don't have much time to do at the end of the day, but I want toTime to use it a little more accurate all the time.thanks for share your experience.

Really you are on such a profession, it's very challenging. I become surprised how you manage all these!

You are talking like motivational speaker's. You are giving some real life and important suggestion.

Read Write
then Blogging.....altogether.
Its interesting. I have got some guidelines which i shall try to follow to manage my time like you as i have similar kind of routine like you. But the problem is i cannot got up early everyday like you.

I thought, you are superhuman with all these. But now understand, routine works fine.

If I am super human, than you are super alien. I am always surprised with all of your activities. You do fishing, farming, YouTube channel, conducting class, family affairs, religious activities at a time. It's awesome.

I am pretty simple man

I am not good at managing time but I am trying still, you have mentioned some good points and hopefully, these will help me a lot.

You do a lot of works at a time. As I kno you are managing gigi, completing higher study, doing social networking, blogging and vlogging.. really so tough all of these simultaneously. I am learning many things from you.

I also manage household work with cooking which I hate most :( :( At the end of the day, I feel like a dead soul :D

And I think, the next morning your dead soul again be alive with the push of works. That means, it is work and only work is the vitalization of you.

Time is the most valuable thing that we waste everyday and most of us don't be upset for it.

Yeah, specially the youngers do it. They even don't know how much value time has.