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Hello #Hive Family. First of all I want to thank God, brcause of Him I was able to share this on hive. And thank you also to all of you here at the hive and I want to meet you, many thanks to some of you who supported my posts even though they are not beautiful to you 😁😊.

I hope one day, we are going to be close friends here on hive. I don't think everyone will like to share what I did between Leaves even with simple art work. So I am very thankful to God for giving me this talent.














This is very cool! Thank you so much! Really talented, this is amazing

Thankyou very mutch

@sucal Good to see you changed your keys 👍

Glad to see this. It is Dan's DP now.

Great talent gift from God. Happy to see this

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You have an amazing eye, as well as an awesome talent, for this art. Beautifully done,@sucal!

@tipu curate

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Wow! You have a great talent. How nicely completed this amazing art. Pleasure to see this 🙂


This is amazing you are very talented 🤝 how long have you been doing this for ?


half an hour

That's good to create this

Delighted with your art. Greetings from Venezuela.


Very nice work and quite unusual. Welcome to Hive and wishing you lots of success.
What kind of leaf is your favourite to work with?


Materials. Jackfruit leaves

Wow am really impress with your skill, it looks so much like @theycallmedan, am sure his gonna love this, hive on buddy. Am expecting more of this from you.

Thankyou very mutch

You wlc, hive on✌

hello dear friend @sucal good work
You are really incredible, I admire the gift you have in your hands, you really are very good at what you do. it is great
I appreciate that you let us know the step by step of creation
Thanks so much and good night

Thankyou very mutch

you have nothing to thank dear friend @sucal I loved visiting you, also enjoy the work you have done, very original
I appreciate that you made us known
have a beautiful night

Thankyou so mutch

Quite different and talented! Please share more when you can. I'd love to see your works.
Do you also draw traditionally?

I'll try

That is really cool! Great work!


I'm trying to get my head around how you do this! I love it! Now I'm trying to find a picture hehe.
Great job! Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Thankyou very mutch

Wow! I'm impressed! That is not easy to do even with an Exacto knife, let alone a small box cutter hobby knife! That is some serious skill there!


Holly molly! That's some next-level talent, I love it!


Wery nice god interesanting ;-)

Thankyou try making Leaf art 😊


Grabe! Ang husay 👏😄

Salamat po

Absolutely amazing talent. Really glad to see this.


Your work is amazing and you have a lot of talent and above all the pasience to do it with all the calm in the world.


Wow. I love this. This is huge creativity


You are welcome

Wow, wonderful artwork, I love it 😊

Thankyou very mutch