Lebron James American Basketball Player ☘️ Art

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hello hive Family.

I want to share with you again Simple Lebron James Leaf Art I thought to draw his face on the leaf because I admire it because he is a great basketball player because of the skill he impressed people with 😊 hopefully if you see it so you know with this simple art I hope you will be happy😊 😊😊






Hi guys, I am Jaypoy Sucal living near at Canuman mountain in Tarlac, Philippines. I am an Artist who loves making Leaf art, Charcoal drawing, Colored Pencil Painting, and Pointilism.
Leaf Art is I am focus right now because of lack of materials in making arts and financially. I learn how to make Arts out of Leaves which is abundant in our place especially living near mountains. I pray to God that He take care for all of us especially you for taking your precious time in visiting my post. God bless you
Please support me, you can visit my collection in https://nftshowroom.com/sucal/gallery