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When I mean growing your Hive account, I mean increasing your stake and powering more Hive to your account.

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So why should you stake more Hive? The answer is just simple and clear. So you can earn more curation rewards. Since I have started leasing Hive or better said at this moment I am in, I notice that I earn more in curation rewards than my actual author rewards as you can see in the image below.


Seeing the value of my curation rewards makes me understand the reason why most whales publish less but presently, I really need to publish more so that I can pay up leases as I don't want to be powering down often to pay for me lease. Moreover, I have a goal of obtaining 10k Hive Power on my own by march ending at most.

Asides from curation rewards being the Most important reasons to stake more Hive, another reason you should consider is being able to support friends and other users on Hive.

Since I took this brave step of obtaining leases, it has really been of great help to curate contents in my community and support my friends especially newbies participating in my Initiative for Newbies.

Moreover staking more Hive would definitely help the system by increasing the value of Hive and the higher the value of Hive the more we earn on both author and curation rewards.

Anyways, I plan to have a total estimated Hive power of 100k before the end of the year which is possible if I hopefully begin to earn more in author rewards to pay for these leases 😅. In short my own plan is, instead of powering up directly I will be buying leases with those Hive I earn to curate more and support my friends, community and many other Hivers.

So, what's your plan on increasing or growing your Hive Power?

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This is enlightening! I'm just beginning to find my way around the Hive network but what is curation rewards all about? Like I see it in my wallet but have no idea how I earned it. ☺️ By leases, you mean delegated HP, right? So one can't pay up leases from author's reward? Why not? It still goes into one's wallet. 🤷‍♀️

Smile first, curation rewards is the returns you get for voting someone.

Leases means you pay someone to delegate you Hive Power.

Paying leases with author rewards is actually one's decision. Many people just power down their HP to pay leases but presently I don't like the idea because powering down would reduce my growth that's why I try hard to publish very often so I can acquire enough to pay for the leases I have.

Ohhh, so we get paid for voting! Well, I'm going on a voting spree. 😄 Wonder why some Hivers are reluctant to vote since there's reward in it. Thanks for explaining this to me. 🙂

You need to have a good voting value to have good curation rewards. Moreover, you don't have much Hive power. If you go on a voting spree, your resource credits would be affected.

Also, dont make your voting power under 85%

Ohh, got it thanks.

@Kenechukwu97 👆. You need to read this about your voting power 😏😏

100K is an insane goal my friend :P

It looks insane but it is realistic and possible. He would have to sacrifice a lot to get there.

I never said he couldn't do it xD

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Wow. I didn't know about all of this. I'd really love to reach that level where I can obtain great curation rewards and give out vote as well because my voting power is still quite low.

Thanks a lot for this anyways. But which authors are called whales? Is it that each reputation has different names? And how do you obtain leases?

You will have to sacrifice a lot to get there.

Whales are those with 500,000 Hive Power and above. To obtain lease then you go to dlease.io

100k by the end of the year? How are you gonna do that please? Can I tap into the grace or is it anointing? lol. Anyways, I see that 10k by march very possible.
when I see people's goals toward HP and their account growth, it makes me wonder when I will reach that stage.
And when you say lease and paying the leasor does it mean, you can actually pay someone to delegate their Hive power to you? so that you can use and curate? and how much are you paying them? and with what? HIVE? HBD?

Presently I pay around 1600 Hive for the lease I am holding for 3 months. When I say 100k HP, I mean with leases.. Presently, I hold an estimated HP of 58k.

Oh, nice. I understand now.

It's good way to go bro. Since October last year, I put my reward on 100% hive power and I've been growing gradually. Persinally, I believe it was a nice decision.

I haven't tried the other aspect of leasing. I will have to know the pros and cons involved before doing that.

The pro is you will get a very higher voting value the cons is you have to reach an apr higher than the apr you offer to attain your profits and consistently upvote contents.. I give an Apr of 13% for my leases.

Moreover if you lease your Hive power out to someone that offers a good apr, you will definitely earn more than normal if you don't vote consistently.

You can check your apr here: https://hivestats.io/@maxwellmarcusart

If you are interested in giving out some lease, you can hit me up 😊.

Interesting. I am active, so I am not worried about leasing out. Probably gonna do that when I have huge Hive power and less active.

Something New.

The post I read wasn't enough so I had to read through the comment section and also see the reply you gave to the question thrown by people.

This proves that hive is more versatile than I ever imagined and there are many opportunities to explore. I'm very happy that I started by raising my reward to 100% HP as per the instructions you gave us and I would like mine to remain in that form till I grow my account.

My guess is that anyone that also wants to boost his HP can buy hive and power up.

Exactly yeah...Just buy Hive and then power it up.