Autumn love!

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Hello to everyone!

How are you today? How was the first day of the week? Finally I finished the salary procedures of the staff. I distributed salaries to all staff. So my job got a little longer. I went to sports after work.


My favorite season is autumn. I guess it has something to do with my being born in september. The pictures taken in the autumn are more beautiful. The yellowing and fading leaves are everywhere. I'd like to write more but I'm so tired. Now all I want is to sleep. See you in the next post. Good night!


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Thank you! 😊

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Great pics you have. I plan on having a photo shoot once rain stops.

I am glad you like it! Thank you. I love rain. 😍 My surname is “Rain”. I’m looking forward to the start of the rain. 😊

Autumn is also my favorite season! :) :)

good to hear that :)