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Venezuela export its voting system for the USA

Hello, it is good that there is a blocking chain free of censorship and I am glad that you can express all the feelings of confusion, frustration, and concern about an uncertain future in your country @sultnpapper

I regret this situation that you are experiencing and I hope that those responsible for the electoral registry do their job correctly and do not allow the digitalization of the votes.

Although it seems by a previous publication that has done, this was already done, digital elections, changing the manual system by a Software.

One of the main questions that we're asked is the following:

Why are votes counted with decimal values by voting machines when each vote has an integer value of one (1)?

What you just mentioned is a question that millions of Venezuelans asked themselves, why decimals? In the election results, there may be half the people 🤷🏽

Half of one person voted and the other half stayed home to make lunch or watch TV.

The numbers are simple. They want an example of what corruption can do.

In less than 25 years, Venezuela has become a country with shortages in every sense.

Here, where I live, people stopped cooking with domestic gas to do it with firewood, because the national supply ran out.

Because not even buying an electric stove can solve it, due to the electric rationing that can last between 5 and 12 hours depending on the region, there is no drinking water to buy is a luxury, there is no gasoline which implies that people like me who use public transportation, have to walk 10 kilometers daily to be able to go to a job that only pays $2 a month and serves to buy 2 items a day.

! Incredible no!


Why walk? It is very scarce transport that is active because the parts are imported and come out expensive, they spend up to 3 days queuing for gas.

Basic services such as roads are useless, telecommunications are useless, and the fact that I am writing this post is almost a miracle.

I would like to post continuously but because of all the factors mentioned and others that I don't want to mention. I can't do it.

There are still traumas in me from the memory of seeing the empty supermarkets, from not finding food.

It's all the fault of the vote.

No, for a society to accept possible electoral fraud there must be several factors, first instilling excessive confidence in the new electoral system, seeking the division of the masses, motivating fear, and the consequences that people may suffer if they protest.

I am not a sociologist or an expert on the subject, I write from my experience.

It is sad to know that Venezuela is recognized for its corruption and lack of freedom, as mentioned by @sultnpapper when there are so many beautiful things we can teach.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for creating this contest just for the Venezuelan community.

It is curious to know that Venezuela is in the 161st position in the world when it comes to freedom, but freedom is abstract, here we can say what we want and that is what confuses people, they believe that by shouting to the 4 winds what they think they are in freedom.

Freedom is more than that, it's earning your daily sustenance with dignity, feeling that your effort, study, and work experience are valued.

It is wanting to leave or enter your country, without bureaucracy closing the doors.

Not everything is bad


It has been 23 years of progressive loss of freedom and quality of life, but perhaps it was necessary to go through all this to grow.

The Venezuelan of abundance did not know the limitations of resources and lived in waste and squandering, this has made us value even a grain of rice, be grateful for what we have and be more humble than we were.

These difficulties have made us leave our country, to know the world, to walk the borders, and to see life in another way.

To miss mom's hug more and to value dad's work, to know that family is the most important thing and that love leads us to reinvent ourselves and expand our creativity and knowledge.

If it were not for the economic difficulties I have suffered, I would not have found the community of Hive, I would not have looked for new options. So every crisis brings growth and that is what Venezuela is doing.

We Venezuelans are growing, in the will, in spirituality, in generosity, and all the aspects that a person can grow.

What if there is a lack of growth? Of course, there is a lack and a lot, but the process is happening and a beautiful future full of entrepreneurs, more aware of society, awaits us.

Take care of your freedom, the price to pay for losing it is very.

Thank you for reading me. 🙋🏽🙌

This publication allows me to participate in a special contest for Venezuelans, created by @sultnpapper

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Your post is very sincere and with a sense of spirituality and hope.

I have very bitter experiences in these 20 years. I grew up in a poor family that achieved everything with studies and work.

We were never wasteful.

The values we grew up with are what keep me in dignity.

But young Venezuelans today lack many things, and values have changed.

They see many actions as normal and they are not really normal (stealing because you are hungry, not studying because you earn more reselling products, talking about dollars and not knowing the bolivar, standing in queues to buy any product, etc... the list is long).

The description of the problems you make I would do the same! This is to live in Venezuela.

"Love your freedom, the price for losing it is very expensive"

Changing your sentence but expressing the same thing.

Hopefully the Americans will understand this in time!

Greetings from Cumaná @soyunasantacruz

Thank you, these hard years have made me more conscious and spiritual.

They see many actions as normal and they are not really normal (stealing because you are hungry, not studying because you earn more reselling products, talking about dollars and not knowing the bolivar, standing in queues to buy any product, etc... the list is long).

These words summarize something of what we are living, that's why I believe that we need to grow, while we continue lost, confused, without orientation, without true values we will continue to stagnate and every day submerged in the depths.

Alone we got into this problem, although I always vote against, I include myself as guilty, so if we are all in this destruction and chaos we must get out of it.

But freedom is fragile if the vote is allowed to be violated and corruption is more likely, the United States and any place in the world, which enjoys being in democracy, will lose more than freedom, it will lose living with dignity, with harmony and with the family, because in Venezuela the family was broken.

And the family is the fundamental basis of society, if the family is separated, for emigrating in search of a better life and helping its members, in the end life itself loses meaning. Without family there is no society, without society there is no culture or country.

Thank you for your valuable comment @marcybetancourt 🙌

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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