How I fell into your lies

in GEMSlast year

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"I fell in love with your sweet words."

The sweet words you whispered in my ear, those words that later turned into poison, I felt special, you told me that you loved me, but you were not honest.

You stole my heart and held you hostage, you caught my heart with beautiful promises, as if it were a hobby, with which you could play whenever you want.

Now I see clearly that you never cared about hurting me, I was never anything special, I was always in a pit of lies and more lies, I tried to find out how to get out but I couldn't, I tried to climb many times but every time I slipped it hurt me more.

It was then that I began to realize the great mistake I was making, so I understood that it was all my fault. Did you know that I needed love, that I needed someone to hold on to, someone where I could take shelter in moments of solitude, you knew it well and you took advantage of that.

Now I realize that it is too late, the damage has already been done, I will look down, I am lost in your lies, I want to fight but I have no strength, I fell surrendered to your sweet lies.

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Photography: My personal gallery

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