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Death is a journey all mortals must embark on. All living things must die, it is the final destination for all occupants of planet earth. A day will come when the body will stop functioning and the heart will lose its rhythm. The once upon a time lively and locomotive body becomes a lying log.

We mourn the death of a man forgetting we once celebrated his birth. The man is scared of the world he is coming into and also scared of where he is returning to. We are scared of the world when we first come into contact with it, our tears are what our parents and those around celebrate. We got used to the world and feel we are home but to be sincere the earth is more like a passage to our real abode.

Have you asked yourself the purpose of which you have been created or you are the type who just lives by the day. According to the religion theory, it is stated that our sole purpose of existence is to worship the Supreme Being, having satisfied this what else do we owe humanity itself. God according to the religion theory is a Supreme Being and we are taught to worship him by faith and also to believe in him. Nevertheless, how do we handle our social intercourse with our fellow human and immediate environment. I do believe we are not created to roam the surface of the earth like animals, man has a lot to offer the universe.

In the journey of life our days are numbered and the pendulum of life isn't a friend of man. The earth is eternal while man is a tenant. Death is the lord and will surely take us when our tenancy expires. How do we fare amongst each other? What type of deeds do we venture?. Are you of the school of thought that the fittest of men survive at the detriment of the weak or you use your strength to lift the weak.

Notwithstanding whether you indulge in good or evil your life is temporary and your footprint will be registered either on the rock or on the sandy soil. Our lives are not perpetual but our deeds can live forever, for sure it can be immortalized. Billions has occupied the surface of the earth but a few are remembered. They are remembered not because they are human but for their deeds.

Let's strive to leave a footprint and chisel our names on the eternal rock positively. Evil will reign but not forever although some vicious men made their ways into the history book but it is worthwhile to be known for goodness. Good wishes after a man's death are worth more than gold and silver. The lives we touch and the memories we created will live after we have long gone. Our tales will be narrated either positively or negatively and we won't be there to interfere because the dead tell no tales.

Death is a bell that tolls for every man to gyrate, it does not spare it spears when it is time to take us. Let's make good use of the life we have today for tomorrow is never promised. Procrastination is in the same brotherhood as death because both can deny us our potentials and attainment of life goals. Death is never an ally of man neither is the grave a bed of rest, termites and worms of the earth aren't friends of our body and soul. Utilise your day and the gift of life embedded in it.

I can do all things through He who strengtheneth me. I am Sir.skillful.

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