📷 High-quality furniture made of natural wood

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Have a nice day! In recent years, I have noticed that at fairs and exhibitions, furniture made of natural wood has begun to appear more often.

It is also interesting that many works are created not by professionals, but simply by enthusiastic masters, so to speak "amateur carpenter artists", whose love and dedication allows you to create real miracles.

You can make anything from wood, although such furniture will weigh a lot. A woman is certainly unlikely to even be able to lift such a chair :-)

Probably 30 kilograms at least, but a natural array, and not chipboard from sawdust.

The intricate texture is distinguished not only by beautiful light brown circles, all kinds of rings, inclusions, but also by unique patterns and freaks.

Wood is also used to make dishes, although it is an amateur. Next to the porcelain and you will not put such a creation. But it won't break :-)

Well, such an inhabitant will decorate any garden and will protect your property in good faith.

I like to look at products made of natural materials. Masters use so much imagination in their works that sometimes you wonder...

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I wish you luck and have a nice day!

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Thank you so much for your attention!

The work of these amateur artists is great and worthy of admiration.

Thank you so much for your attention!
I absolutely agree with you!

I love the products made of natural materials, too. All of the wooden furniture in your photos are amazing. I especially like the yellow squirrel. Yeah! I would love to have it in my garden for decoration. Thanks so much for sharing. 😊

I'm very glad you liked it :-)



Masters use so much imagination in their works that sometimes you wonder...

What it is?

это такое панно из дерева :-)

... с птицами это понятно, а вот два что снизу 🤔???

Мастер сказал , что нашёл обычную корягу в лесу и немного отшлифовал и покрасил лаком.... Ну а там то, что вы увидите. Всё дело в воображении...
Я вот разглядела рыб, а кто-то видит и горы :-)