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RE: COVID-19: "Post-COVID World," Losses Mount, and now "Phase Four?"

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Dear @roleerob, were you an agricultural businessman?


No @silvergrifin007. But both of our families were involved in agriculture ...

Plus, I enjoyed the blessing of taking care of our family farm for 2 seasons with two of my sons. I wrote about this experience in the "My Life as a Hay Farmer" post I wrote in Sept 2018.

@roleerob, do you live in montena state? Montena was famous for ranches and farms. It's amazing that you worked 12 hours a day. Indeed, America is vast and prosperous. It is a land blessed by God.

@silvergrifin007, to preserve my privacy, I have never shared what state I live in, let alone what city. As far as I am prepared to go, in having details like that "immutably enshrined" in the blockchain, is what you see in my profile. I live somewhere in the Rocky Mountain region of America.

"... you worked 12 hours a day."

Yes. I was blessed to work with two of my sons, drawing us closer together for what we were able to achieve together. Working close to the "good earth" was a very special life-time memory for us. I thank God for the opportunity to have lived it.

Ranches and farms are found all over, not just in Montana. In my beloved mountains, there are many hidden away places where they are found.

And, yes, I do believe America was a land blessed by God. In my view, very sad to say, I personally believe He is in the process of progressively removing that blessing, as we have not honored Him for who He is. What a pathetic spectacle we are subject to here every day, in the unfolding national response to COVID-19 ...

Dear @roleerob, I respect your privacy. Perhaps you are not the governor of the United States?
You looked like the king of America. Hahaha

When I look at the photos you post, I think it's roughly Montana, Wyoming. Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and New Mexico are as dry as the desert.
I always have a fun imagination in which city @roleerob, the king of America, lives in. Perhaps he is a high-ranking person.

I always imagine where the king of America lives.

Nope @silvergrifin007, not "governor," not "king," not "high ranking,"... Just "one of the masses" here in a country of ~ 360 million people ... 😉

@roleerob, i want to call you king of america. You are similar to the face of a kind king of Korea that Koreans want.
I want to make your nickname king of America. please. hahaha

I suppose you can call me anything you may wish @silvergrifin007 ... 🙃

Just be mindful, my forefathers fought a terrible war to be free of kings. Although we are currently well on our way to creating some new ones ... 😌

Just be mindful, my forefathers fought a terrible war to be free of kings. Although we are currently well on our way to creating some new ones

You are right. Americans fought against the kings of England, Germany and the Soviet Union. However, Lincoln declared the Confederate as a traitor when the Confederacy left Union.
The king of America is merciful, but he who rebels against the Union never forgives.

So, when I studied American history, I recognized Lincoln as the first American king.
The American king wants American freedom, but he never forgives the traitor.
So, I believe that the American Civil War created the present usa.