Fiesta Tuesday...

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Afternoon everyone....

While not being a pick up and delivery boy for my parents and their friends, I am trying to organize and decide what to keep in the stack/collection and what to sell.

So keep your eyes on my posts, I will give first dibs to my community friends before selling in other ways.

So its #fiestatuesday....


Now I have a beauty to share with you today.

Yesterday I posted a gorgeous golden toned 1887 Morgan Silver Dollar in a PCGS second generation holder.

Well today I have another Morgan Silver Dollar. But this one is in a first generation holder. They are called “rattlers” in the collecting world. Because the cases don’t have the nice prongs like today’s where the coin is locked in place.

This is a guaranteed upgrade for absolute sure. It might even turn from an MS64 to an MS65+ or MS66.

It’s a rim toned 1902 Morgan and it’s a beauty.

Check this out...




Stay Safe



Awesome vintage coin! Kept in the capsule to keep its original state this is an amazing piece for any collection.

Thank you very much

What a gorgeous rim toned 1902 Morgan Silver Dollar, bestie! She is a blast white beauty! Do they really rattle in the case?Thanks for this show. Have a fabulous day, and take care, bestie 🥰🌺🤙

Yes they do rattler around a bit not much. If you look at people selling them, sometimes the coin has turned it’s quite funny

Very nice @silverd510! An excellent specimen! I remember, although they were circulated - a lot, when I would go to my grandmother's house as a child, my aunt and uncle also lived with her. Uncle Earl would put silver coins between the cushions of the davenport for me and my brother to find. We would then put them into our piggy bank. I don't remember now, but I suspect some of them may have been Morgans. Unfortunately, the coins were long gone when I became an adult. I never was sure what happened to them. Thanks for sharing and bringing a memory back I had long forgotten. Have a good night!

Buenos dais, a beautiful Morgan, epic coin!

Very nice @silverd510, I love the toning!
“rattlers” oh yes...this Morgan has been around the block LOL!😀