The strange people of HIVE

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Probably no one feels like a weirdo. Not even myself.
It looks different from the outside.
It doesn't matter whether it's from the point of view of an uninvolved acquaintance or my own meta-view. Hive is not normal and therefore its users.

The funny thing is that no one really knows where it is going, whether it can survive as it is or whether it will be completely renewed in a short time.

What motivates people to pursue such an unclear activity? after all, it takes a considerable investment of time. It needs clear ideas that also interest others.

Ok, at the moment we are in times of Corona, the whole world is half silent. Understandably, more people are looking for new ways to communicate. We are a kind of social media with an extra bonus. I don't need to explain our extra, shouldn't masses join us in such a situation?




Sure, nowadays the only thing that determines success or failure is marketing, here Hive may be in its infancy.
As sad as it may sound, Steem may be better positioned through centralisation than a democratic decentralised system. It almost hurts to write this knowing how the history of Steem and Hive has gone. However the past has gone, it does not exclude the success of one or the other.

But how many people are there who look at our blockchain and think: Interesting but I don't understand the whole thing. And away they go.
I don't think anyone can say that right now, so it would be incredibly important to make access numbers to Hive easily available. Whether it's apps or the number of people who open a post.
We need to find arguments to convince others. Statistics can be a great help here. Also so that each individual can improve by seeing what people like to read. Above all, how many readers are there who have never created a hive account?

Unfortunately I am not a programmer, otherwise I could do something myself to improve the situation. So I only hope that the 4 people who have read to the end of the article feel addressed by chance and have more skills than I do.
The good thing about Hive is that there are strange people who want to make a difference here.

Hive on


I loved your last sentence, I dont know anything about history and unfortunately I cant program either. But I will reblog this article maybe that helps. Also I think all hive is nuts and crazy and weird but in a good way :)
I also could read to the end of your post! Although I am just an ape and I like this hive!

Thanks, in the end, even the craziest ideas move people forward ;)

We are all strange in our own way. What connects us is a vision of changing how we operate online and being able to see a way forward. Hive might fail but change is coming.

I think the most beneficial way to increase HIVE's reach is to write good content. If the only thing that is written in this realm is cryptocurrency, mediocre pictures taken on a hike, what someone is about to eat, or pity stories to conjure upvotes, HIVE will never increase in value. Hive is similar to YouTube in theory-content creators get paid for what they do. If you like what they do, they get more money. If you don't like what they do, they get discouraged and leave. The difference, as I see it, is that HIVE is mostly text and picture based, not video based. The portion that is video based is flawed to a degree with the same flaw HIVE has...only 7 days of payout instead of perpetual payout. I make passive income on YouTube of hundreds of dollars a month. This comes from videos I've made over time and channels that gain traction. On HIVE, if you don't get noticed in the first 7 days, your content is then given to the public domain, essentially, and whether or not it gains traction, you lose out on any future residuals. I'm not complaining, but I'm giving reasons why it will be harder to produce content for HIVE vs somewhere else that is perpetuating my income. food for thought...

The only reason people call me a weirdo is because I am poor and rich weird people are "eccentric". One day I may have a bank account that will justify my status as eccentric.😊


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