That beauty calls me again and again

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A couple of years ago I went there once at the invitation of a friend of mine who works in the army and his source of work was his work there in Sajek Valley.Then we just got married. I couldn't get such a beautiful invitation from a friend. I went there. The place is really so beautiful that the amazing beauties of nature come and capture the place at any moment.

I said last night that since I am in isolation I am trying to look back at the past moments in the gallery and try to take myself back to the past and reminisce about them.
Sajak Valley is one of the most beautiful places in my country. In recent times, this place has become very popular with all the people who are thirsty for travel.First of all let me say that the place is very hilly area and at the very end of our country where only clouds and mountains hide together. The biggest fun thing is that the small resorts on those high hills make the mind of any person very strong Will take.The whole area is under the charge of the army, so my friend, who works in the army, didn't have much trouble with me because I could see all the places very well with security because there are mountains, springs and mountains and clouds hidingIt made my mind happy. My wife enjoyed it a lot. It was our first honeymoon.
We went during the rainy season and we stayed there for two nights. The weather really changes from moment to moment and the weather looks different from moment to momentIt was as if the clouds surrounded us, and when I woke up in the morning and opened the window, I felt as if I could catch the clouds with my hands.As far as the eye can see, only white clouds and clouds are so beautiful that it is very difficult to say about that beauty without seeing it with your own eyes.Those who have gone to Sajek know what a beautiful place Sajek is, but I want to go to Sajek again and if I get well then if the world gets better and if we get vaccinated soon then we will go there again.sajek valley,Rangamati, Bangladesh,continent Asia. 20200917_10150701.jpeg


what a beautiful experience you had.

thanks for your compliment

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