Sublime Sunday || Beautiful sunset

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Nature is a little colder than other days because it rained in nature after a few days of unbearable heat and nature is a little cold now because of the rain.Hope everybody on this site also had a great day.20200623_20454501.jpeg

20200623_20464401.jpegIt rained heavily from morning till noon and then suddenly the sun raise but the sun was sweet and not very bright.A few days later I met my friends at that familiar place.The cold weather and the sweet atmosphere on the other hand, all in all, the day to meet friends seems to be right today.
The place we met, of course, was near my house. I was able to walk and many of my friends came just like me, but the one exception was he bought a new bike and brought his bike.
Of course we met mainly to see his bike because he bought the bike to see his new bike a little ride.Although I can't ride a high speed bike like this, I have tried and been quite successful today, but I don't know why I don't have much interest in bikes.It is true that I have no interest in bikes because I don't like them, I like to see the bike from a distance and I don't have much interest in this thing.
Anyway that’s where we all met. That place is very beautiful because we go to the place whenever we have time It rained a lot today and the atmosphere was very good. I tried to take some pictures of nature. I hope nature lovers will take their pictures.

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Nice sunset photos my friend and the motor bike blends in nicely 🌞

thanks for your sweet compliment 😊

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