Let there be awareness among all

in GEMSlast month

I hope everyone is well, everyone is having a good day and good morning to everyone.Today I will write about a different subject. I hope those who like reality will like the story.I said yesterday that I try to portray reality in each of my stories and I try to portray reality in each of my photographs.

Since I am a working person, my morning starts differently because it starts in the morning with the busyness of my life and first I have to catch the car then get out of the car and come back to work by rickshaw for work. All in all it is a very busy time cut until i come to work.
Karim brings the name of the gentleman you see in the picture waiting for me every day at the car stand as I get out of the car and ride in his rickshaw.My relationship with him is long because I have taken refuge in him from the time I come and go to work, he has helped me to take me to the car stand.Honestly, this is how relationships with some people become sweeter and this is how relationships last.
Everyone has been very careful since the covid virus, my Karim brother is also very careful he tries every day to travel to mask.I helped him a lot to create awareness of Karim Brother. I got him used to wearing a mask. I told him to wearing Max and keep himself healthy and keep his family healthy. Karim brother was a little uncomfortable to wearing Max at first but now that is itHis habit has turned into this.I have tried to do my duty from my place. I think we can have a beautiful society if everyone does their duty from their place.20200902_17485701.jpeg