Steemit Sea Creature Names: What do they mean?

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If you’ve new to Steemit and the Steem blockchain you may have noticed people using names like Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca and Whale. These names are an indication of the amount of Steempower they have and thus the amount of rewards their upvote bestows on others.

If you look at Steempower you determine rankings like this;

Plankton = less then 500 Steem Power
Minnow = 500 but less then 5000 Steem Power
Dolphin = at least 5000 & less then 50,000
Orca = at least 50,000 but less the 500,000
Whale = at least 500,000 and above

But what doe these levels mean?
The short answer is that the levels give you a quick idea of how much influence or power the users have on the Steemit Platform.

What is influence?
On the Steemit Platform the size of your investment in a semi-liquid form of Steem called Steem Power determines how much influence or power you have on the Steem platform. On the Steemit Platform Power means money, which tells you how much your upvotes are worth in Steem. So the more Steem Power you have, the more Steem your vote is worth.

Example depends on Steem / Dollar
For example, a Plankton with 100 Steem Power has a upvote worth 0.01 Steemit Token Units. While a Minnow with 1000 Steem Power has an upvote worth 0.10 Steemit Token Units, and a Dolphin with 10,000 Steem Power has an upvote worth 1.00 Steem.

If your a stickler for detail you may want to know that your rank is actually based on a term called “vests”. I read an article by a software developer who stated that the source code for Steemit dictated the levels and they were as follows:

Plankton = up to 1 million VESTS
Minnow = >1 to 10 million VESTS
Dolphin = >10 to 100 million VESTS
Orca = >100 to 1,000 million VESTS
Whale = >1,000 million VESTS

So how do we find out how many million vests we have?

You can check it by going to or going to

You can also check it by going to

According to the author the source code 489.964 Steem Power equals 1,000,000.00 Vests.

That’s it, please check the references below for additional information.

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  1. minnow-dolphin-orca-whale ( minnow-dolphin-orca-whale)
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  3. between-a-minnow-dolphin-and-a-whale ( between-a-minnow-dolphin-and-a-whale)

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