My Day: Went to the Market / Macros

in GEMS4 months ago

Coronavirus cases is going up in our place so even I miss going out, I still prefer not to. I am afraid of the virus, and that I need to take care of myself. However, my mother called me to buy something and send it to her. There are some things she need that she can't buy in the US. So I have to buy them here, and send it to her.

After sending them, I went home immediately. I might want to see the outside world but not with fear. As I got home, I took a bath so I won't be spreading something just in case to others in my family.

I don't have to cook our lunch as ai bought one from the fast food chain. Everyone seemed very happy because of the take out. I am also able to take a rest. Since my garden is my stress reliever, I went outside to check my plants. They're very relaxing. I also captured new sets of macro photos. Check those pictures below.








While still outside, it began to rain. I went inside the house and watched some funny videos on YouTube and Facebook before going to the kitchen to prepare what we will eat for dinner.