My Day: Rainy Day / Photos of the Day: Golden Frog Came to Visit

in GEMS4 months ago

It's been rainy since yesterday in our province so I don't have to water my plants. So I prepared our breakfast before taking some time to watch some videos on Facebook. I also read some Bible verses.

After eating, I went out to check my plants, and while going to some parts of our yard, I saw this visitor below. Yes, a golden frog! I took my phone and captured some photos of it.



It really looked golden, and it hopped to the plants up there.


I took my lens to capture some macro photography of some insects too.


I love capturing macro photos, and I bought the lens for macro photos. I am supposed to capture more but it rained. I have no choice but go inside the house. I put some plants to safer places so they won't be damaged considering there's typhoon here in the Philippines.

Since it's rainy day, I thought of having a nap in the afternoon but I have a schedule for video call with my students. I have plans for tomorrow again, like teaching online, and cooking something special for the family. Also, I will fix some parts of my garden too. Of course,I will also capture macro photos again.