My Day: Occupied These Days / Roses in My Garden

in GEMS3 months ago

I have beem occupied these days with a lot of tasks and chores that I need to do. My mother is calling often to do some things for her. She is currently in the US, and I do buy her medicines here, and send them there. Also, we would be coming back to Sta. Barbara again soon.

Lately, my niece just graduated through online, and I prepared for our party. I also have some personal tasks that I need to attend to. It's tiring, but I am able to do them. I was sad though that I am unable to join the deaf ministry in the morning again.

My stress relievers never failed to make me happy though as I went to my garden.


This is very pink, and its color is very feminine. The way it bloomed is just perfect.


This red rose has bloomed well, and its petals on the side is quite drying up already, but it is still beautiful.


This rose has some white spots on its petals.


And these are another ones.


I love this yellow rose, and it doesn't look too vivid.


Waiting for these to bloom. Perhaps these will bloom in few days.

I feel better afterwards, so I uave to get inside the house with some chores I need to do.