My Day: My Stress Reliever

in GEMS4 months ago

Even if I am just at home, I do get stressed. With a lot of things to do, I need to do my chores or else, I would be getting a bad comment. As I did my tasks, I am unable to join our deaf field service.

I finished my chores by lunchtime, and after eating, I took a nap. I got up when my deaf Bible student called, and I taught her online. In the afternoon, I went outside for stress relief.

As I usually say, my garden or my plants are my stress relievers. Looking at them just makes me smile, and when new flowers about to bloom, it's very beautiful.

You can check some of them below:


These light pink colored roses brightened up the day.


The bud started to bloom. How beautiful!


This is also blooming. It's colored peach and pink.


Another rose starting to bloom. This one is red.


And another red one in my garden.


This is my garden on the other side. Got so many flowers already.

I already felt relieved and happy, so I went inside to cook our dinner. I am about to prepare for congregation meetings tomorrow.


oh wow having these will make me happy for sure!