My Day: Made Rice Roll and My Garden

in GEMS3 months ago

Last Saturday, I have been busy as we have to prepare for the graduation of my niece, but it was done online as mass gatherings are still not allowed. I was very yappy because my niece graduated with honors. After that, we prepared some foods for her. Thus, I am unable to join the deaf ministry at that time.

Yesterday, I am also late innour meetings in the morning because I feel so tired. Gladly, I feel better in the afternoon.

Today, my niece wanted us to make rice rolls and here are what we got. With just rice, salt, seasoning, crab sticks,dried seaweeds, eggs, and wasabi, we had this dinner in the picture below.




Before eating this, I went out late afternoon to check my garden. Some of my roses has dried out already. But I don't mind, the newly bloomed ones made my day.




The colors are just vivid pink. I l didn't water them because it rained last night. Also, it might rain in the evening, which there are rains often. But now, we only had scary thunders and lighnings, and it didn't rain. But let's see. It might rain later. It's monsoon season, and I am fine with the weather instead of having extreme floods. Also, the battle against COVID-19 is still here, and we can't handle another battle. Have a great day!