My Day: Cooking Jackfruit Pie

in GEMS5 months ago


I have been busy doing my chores like cleaning up the house, cooking for the family, and checking up on my plants. But it is rainy so I need to put some of my plants to the shelter.

I took some rest until my brother came homes with jackfruit, which we used to call langka in our local dialect. We are thinking of what to do with it. Are we going to eat it as is, or boil it with sugar. They came up with an idea to make Jackfruit Pie. It sounds new to me so I made one with the assistance of my niece.

These are my ingredients:
Bread crumbs
Condensed milk

You have to remove the fruits, which is not that easy. It will very sticky so better put some oil in your hands.


Flatten the bread using a rolling pin, and if none, use a clean bottle with an area of flat surface or no curve.

Sweetened the jackfruit with condensed milk. Boil until it is cooked.

In the flattened bread, I put some sweetened jackfruit, and folded the bread. Seal the bread on its edges by using fork and applying pressure on it.

Bate some eggs, then dip the bread on it, and coat with the bread crumbs, and fry in the pan.

Remove the bread from the pan and use kitchen towel to drain excess oils.

Serve the jackfruit pie.


It is my first time to cook this. It takes a lot of work, but it tastes great.