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RE: Boulders Along The Central - Sweathouse Area

in GEMS3 months ago
Thank you for such a wonderful boulder treat ❤ @deerjay! :-)

I just love your rivers and creeks, so many rocks and such clear
water and gorgeous trees. The boulders do look like mom and baby
hippos. The big pile of rocks reminds me of a snapping turtle lol
✨ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!


Thank you so much @shasta and you're very welcome!! I wish I could've gotten out near the water a few days ago. I rode by after some rain and the water was really high and wild. Was a little scary looking and cool at the same time. I probably wouldn't have seen many boulders under the water then but I always know they are there. 😉💖
Wishing you a Blessed New Year! 😊