The Taste of potato chips is Different, Needless to say , It came from a Restaurant !!!

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Hope all are okay.

I wish you good luck starting my new post,

In this post, I'm gonna share how do I make a fantastic potato cheese, at my home



now is a very bad time for us because we are all locked in fear of the Coronavirus, we are stray Home for saving each other That time we are very boring to eat same like rice, fish, dal, and vegetable. problem is that we can't go outside to buy some ready street food.


I used some leisure time to make fun food fast for my child Because we are day by day boring in our life............

Suddenly I was surprised to see my potato chips, it's like original and testy .let's see how to I do it...
it's very easy to making potato chips


Last more Day we couldn't go outside the party or restaurant for any food because we were all very careful about the pandemic coronavirus, but when I do potato chips made in the home I was a surprise and happy...


I am really surprised by his creativity


Finally let's see how to do it...

Take a big looking potato-like picture


it will be much better if it is cut with a machine, I am using a knife because I don't have any machine


You have to give a nice shave to see like potato chips
although now we have enough lazy time of the home quarantine ...

picture 01


picture 02


picture 03


The oil should be heated in the Gus stove and oil should be kept very hot ...

Then fry in oil with spices



After adding some testy spices...


and enjoy the potato chips at a home with a family like me......


Let us all stay home and keep ourselves healthy,

All those who come from outside, wash their hands with soap for at least twenty seconds and wear masks and protective clothing

Good Luck to all of you

That's all for now. I'll come with an interesting post again.

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