My Battle In Splinterlands - Weekly Challenge with WAR CHAANG

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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are well ...

This is post is to show my weekly splinterlands battle challenge with WAR CHAANG



You may join the contest too with the following link.

Link to the contest

To watch my battle; please watch the following video.

Link of playing with me in



Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: EPIC
Element: NEUTRAL
ABILITIES: Retaliate at level 1; Trample at level 4.


  1. I created a post sharing a video of one of your battles using WAR CHAANG and have placed it above.

  2. I've Tagged splinterlands and spt.

  1. About my lineup:

Today I am using only 6 battle heroes on my game, The Kraken in the first place and WAR CHAANG 2nd Place, and the Gaint Squid at last place.

To explain the lineup I should say that as far as I've learned about the game, I need to use a melee attack monster in the first place. The Kraken, WAR CHAANG is a very good card, it's the ability to fight alone has won the battle

In the game, WAR CHAANG, The Kraken, and Sand WORM performance are very good. I am happy to play with the battle.
to be honest, WAR CHAANG this card was a very good performance today without die and play in the last round kill last enemy for today's game but I don't know WAR CHAANG is a very good card, I will try to another game with WAR CHAANG for checking his performance. I will definitely watch and update his level play. really i love the card

KOBOLD MINER without die and play in the last round kill the last enemy attacked. It gave me a lot of joy !!!!

I am fascinated to see the enemy attack from all sides of this card.

I haven't Played with WAR CHAANG before bcz I did not have this card, I had to buy this game

buy card.png


Then I used other cards according to their mana and power. today I got big 99 mana power for the battle game

mana 99 power.png

I won the battle with very good mana power -99 mana, so I feel very good,

  1. My strategy worked and I'll use cards according to mana and power next time.

  2. I use WAR CHAANG at 2nd places. actually, I am using WAR CHAANG in the 2nd-place because I knew it was attacked power and performance is very good ability and efficiency

  3. Okay, I'm going to share it on twitter.

Some screenshot of my battle.












BATTLE HERO 01: The Kraken

The Kraken.png

The Kraken
They say that in the recent shifting of the Planet that has come with the Untamed, great schisms were opened on the floors of the seas. Through these new openings emerged new monsters from the core beyond, larger than anything even the most traveled Azmaré pirate has ever seen. The Kraken is one such beast, and one that occasionally swims as high as the water’s surface. Sailors who have seen it say that it approaches from beneath like a great storm cloud, somehow darkening everything around it with its massive shadow. With the swipe of a single tentacle, the Kraken can capsize the mightiest ships as if they were a child’s bath toy. The Kraken is so huge that special Gloridax sorcery was used to ensure that its projected essence in tournament battle was only a small portion of its actual size. If this precaution had not been taken, summoning the Kraken would have crushed every spectator in the arena.


BATTLE HERO 02: War Chaang

War Chaang.png

War Chaang
They say that in the great battles on the other side of the world, Hellaphants were trained and outfitted as massive monstrosities of war. It was not generally believed that Hellaphants could be controlled until the Ferexia Torch began its Chaang Project. Hellaphants were abducted en masse from the Wastelands of the Unknown and taken to the training grounds near Mittreya's Hand. There, the Hellaphants were forged into soldiers to carry soldiers. They were molded into a new type of war machine, called Chaang.


BATTLE HERO 03: Sand Worm

Sand Worm.png

Sand Worm
Huge Sand Worms have always lived in the desert of Draykh-Nahka, but with the recent uncovering of the various Untamed Prophecies, they have mysteriously grown even larger. They have also become more wild and free, somehow discovering how to escape from the Sands of the Dragon Splinter. Although it has never been witnessed, biologists believe that the Worms have learned how to swim. If they have indeed learned to burrow through water like sand, the Splinterlands will suffer greatly from their proliferation. In Mount Mox battle, Sand Worms can swallow monsters of nearly any size with no need to chew. They can even snatch fliers directly from the air, extending out of the ground even higher than the arena walls.


BATTLE HERO 04: Captain's Ghost

Captain's Ghost.png

Captain's Ghost
The Captain of a great pirate ship perished in a battle against Old Frank, one of the most ruthless Sea Monsters of the Splinterlands as his ship was dragged under. While he died, the burning desire for the treasure the Captain was seeking ripped his soul from his body. The Captain simply could not cope with the fact that he would never behold the treasure, so he defied reality and life itself. As his lifeless body sank with the ship, the Ghost of the Captain sprang for the surface and began to wander the Splinterlands, lost and seeking a hopeless treasure that he would never find. After nearly a hundred years of wandering, the Captain has finally chosen to appear in battle at Mount Mox. The mere sight of his ghostly presence is enough for many opponents to collapse in fear.


BATTLE HERO 05: Sea Genie

Sea Genie.png

Sea Genie
The Sea Genie simply waits quietly in his dark, deep lair at the foot of Maka Peak. He is the only resident of the Cave of Mysteries, a powerhouse of magical force. The Genie has first summoned hundreds of years ago, and now he is prisoner to the ΛZMΛRÉ summoners, doing only their bidding and little else.


BATTLE HERO 06: Giant Squid

Giant Squid.png

Giant Squid
Although there are far larger monsters in the oceans, Giant Squids are some of the most ruthless. They leave trails of corrosive ink wherever they go, and they enjoy toying with their prey before killing and eating it. Luckily for otherwise vulnerable water-breathers, the moaning cry of the Giant Squids announces their arrival for miles in every direction.


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I am already appealing!!! I did it by mistake.

In Twitter :

Thanks for your Battle Challenge. You put a lot of effort into it.

Hey! Nice job!
I'm glad you got a War Chaang. I think it's a really great monster to use (sometimes).
I think putting him in 2nd is good, allowing him to use his ranged attack while first position is attacking with melee.

OH! Watch for the melee mayhem ruleset... because the War Chaang still gets to use his ranged attack too!

Have fun! 🥰@carrieallen
Note to hivewatcher: We are aware of his accident and wish to support him during this time.

@carrieallen many thanks and I'm so glad you Upvote me

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