My Battle In Splinterlands - Weekly Challenge with FLESH GOLEM

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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are well ...

This is post is to show my weekly splinterlands battle challenge with FLESH GOLEM


So let's play .....



You may join the contest too with the following link.

Link to the contest

To watch my battle; please watch the following video.

Link of playing with me in



Rarity: COMMON
Element: EARTH
ABILITIES: Healing at level 3; Void at level 7


  1. I created a post sharing a video of one of your battles using FLESH GOLEM and have placed it above.

  2. I've Tagged splinterlands and spt.

  1. About my lineup:

I am using only 6 battle heroes on my game, Stonesplitter Orc in the first place and FLESH GOLEM 2nd place.

To explain the lineup I should say that as far as I've learned about the game, I need to use a melee attack monster in the first place. Stonesplitter Orc, FLESH GOLEM is a very good card, it's the ability to fight alone has won the battle

In the game, FLESH GOLEM and Sporcerer performance are very good. I am happy to play with the battle.
to be honest, FLESH GOLEM this card was very good performance for today's game but I did't Play FLESH GOLEM before but i know this card is a very good card, I will try to another game withFLESH GOLEM for checking his good performance.

Stonesplitter Orc died in the first round so I thought I would lose the game but I won, I am not ashamed to say that today
FLESH GOLEM has saved me from this difficult situation. It gave me a lot of joy !!!!
I won the game today of FLESH GOLEM

This was my first game with FLESH GOLEM before I am not using the FLESH GOLEM card but I will definitely play after that.


Then I used other cards according to their mana and power. today I got 19 mana power for the battle game

mana power 26.png

I won the battle with small mana power only 26 mana, so I feel good,

  1. My strategy worked and I'll use cards according to mana and power next time.

  2. I use FLESH GOLEM at 2nd place. actually, I am using FLESH GOLEM in the 2nd place, because I wanted to see how it attacks from the back. Although the first game with FLESH GOLEM so I needed to know about FLESH GOLEM, I think after that I can play better with the FLESH GOLEM card.

  3. Okay, I'm going to share it on twitter.

Some screenshot of my battle.










win the battle.png

Earn Point : +52


BATTLE HERO 01: Stonesplitter Orc

Stonesplitter Orc1.png

Mana, Power, Strong and ability on Only today's battle challange

player 1.png

Stonesplitter Orc
True to the name of their kind, the Stonesplitter Orcs can cleave any stone into pieces, revealing the ores and gems that may dwell within. They are also fierce foes, whose pickaxes can crack the skull of an enemy monster like a nut.


BATTLE HERO 02: Flesh Golem

Flesh Golem.png

Mana, Power, Strong and ability on Only today's battle challange

player 2.png

Flesh Golem
The ghastly Flesh Golems of Anumün reside in the damp root tunnels of the Elder Tree. These remnants of the lost tribes from before the Splintering have incredible powers of regeneration. Since they drink from the River of Power, the Flesh Golems each attack with the strength of a hundred men.


BATTLE HERO 03: Sporcerer


Mana, Power, Strong and ability on Only today's battle challange

player 3.png

The Mushroom people of Anumün have been steadily extending their territory beyond the secluded Mushroom Forest. Recently a new type of Mushroom Wizard has emerged, known as the Sporceror. The Sporcerors have taken hold of a large area of the Centauri Wood, which is now known as Sporcery’s Realm. The frightening new magic these mushroom wizards have displayed has everyone in the Splinterlands talking.


BATTLE HERO 04: Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph.png

Mana, Power, Strong and ability on Only today's battle challange

player 4.png

Wood Nymph
A peculiar new bud appeared at the tips of the highest branches of the Elder Tree. The animals living in the tree watched as the strange buds grew, and in a matter of days, burst open. From each bud zoomed forth a tiny sprite. These Wood Nymphs quickly scattered around Anumün in a frenzy of mischief.


BATTLE HERO 05: Creeping Ooze

Creeping Ooze.png

Mana, Power, Strong and ability on Only today's battle challange

player 5.png

Creeping Ooze
For as long as anyone remembers, the fire mountain of Bren-Ha has spewed nothing but smoke and lava. Lately from its cracks, a small Creeping Ooze has been seeping. It cannot be stopped, and it absorbs anything in its creeping path. To make things worse, it managed to board a boat and escape Mortis.


BATTLE HERO 06: Furious Chicken

Furious Chicken.png

Mana, Power, Strong and ability on Only today's battle challange

player 6.png

Furious Chicken
The chickens of the Splinterlands have had enough. For too long they have been kept in cages and pens. For too many generations their eggs have been made into omelettes, their breasts and thighs into nuggets, and their most pristine feathers into rather tacky jewelry. Under the brave leadership of a great hero known only as The Alpha Chicken, all chicken-kind is finally rising up against their oppressors. This uprising, all across the Splinterlands, is known as the Cluckening.


Good Luck to all of you

Let us all stay home and keep ourselves healthy,

All those who come from outside, wash their hands with soap for at least twenty seconds and wear masks and protective clothing

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it is nice lineup
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Thank you for your Battle Challenge.



Great job! You're learning well!
I would say, normally you'll want to use the Flesh Golem in the front, followed by a reach monster (the green hand). Fleshy has enough health to withstand some hits (while giving hits). Putting a reacher in 2nd allows your front monster to attack AND your second monster to attack. And once your first monster dies your 2nd monster will still be going strong.

Oh! No need to include the lore description.
If you want to include your lineup, just talk about each card. Why YOU use it.

@carrieallen thanks ok next i will post without lore description

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