Summer has not left yet...

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We are still enjoying our end-of-summer vacations. The weather is hot and sunny with a satisfying breeze that pays a visit every afternoon. The beach keeps calling for us day after day and we can't say no to that call...


Taking a closer look...


And a little closer...


You'll see we're not the only ones the sea is calling. A group of teenagers sneaked into this abandoned platform to use it as a "pool jumper".




I don't know about you, but at the moment I prefer to sunbathe on the beach and listen to the calming sound of the waves coming back and forth rather than climb up this old, rusty platform.


Keeping my distances and enjoying the views feels just right.

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I used to be a teenager too hanging around that platform but then I took an arrow in the knee 😑☹️😭

It's pretty much like summer in here as well. We're having almost 30 degrees almost every day.

Zooming in, I found that hill fascinating. Must have vineyards or avocado farms in there 🙂