Doggies in the snow!

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After a mild winter that reminded mostly of early spring or late autumn today we saw some snow!!


The girls, Hera and Juliet, loved it! ❄🐶💖🐶❄



Too bad by noon it had already stopped and it started to melt.


The garden is still white. I wonder what it will look like tomorrow...


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🐕 🐕

They loooved it and were so fun to watch them run across the garden and play with each other while there was snow falling early in the morning! Pure hapiness!

PS: I just passed the HiveTorch to you in this post:
Join in the game! :)

I see happiness. Years and years of happiness for two sweet dogs. More love for your family, and long peaceful lives for them. Beautiful pictures.

Hi @ruth-girl, I hope I did that correctly. I copied you shamelessly and think perhaps I messed up the transfer part, though you can still see where I did it. Kind of exciting (I have a quiet life 😂)

Oh my. They've already bonded! How sweet 🖤

Well they're still trying to, Hera is still a bit aggressive defending her territory, but they are turning into friends as days go by. 🥰

Lol. Sounds exactly like an unaccustomed first-born! Will definitely get there with time 😉

They look adorable hugging in the first photo. At times my dog also gets in the mood for digging for no reason.

Hera is digging for mole rats that live underground in our places! She has made holes all over the garden trying to get one out, she's so funny when she gets crazy, digging and sniffing 😂

Did Hera catch any of them? Is Juliet also a digger?

Omg cuteness!!! Looks like they had a blast!

Yeah! They had a blast running around the snow and we had fun watching them from the balcony! 😃

What wonderful dogs you have, Hera and Juliet. Good to see animals playing in the snow.