DAPPLR - my mom's vegetable garden!

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It is very difficult to grow vegetables, berries and flowers in Siberia.

Summer is very short here and you have to work hard to get the harvest. These photographs are filled with sunlight, which is sorely lacking here. This is probably why my favorite season is summer!

This post does not contain much information, I just want to share some pictures of my mom's garden with you.

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It's nice to see that the garden is filled with plants. Moreover, all plants have started to flower and bear fruit. I am also happy to see life from your mother's garden. Hopefully mother can harvest perfectly.

Thank you bro 🙏 I love your micro photos👍

You're welcome. I am very happy and excited if you like it.

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Ваши фото прекрасны .

Спасибо я старался ☺️ Я вижу вы тоже любите Цветы - это вам 💐 :)

Спасибо большое)))

Your mom has amazingly well grown the garden. The flowers are really beautiful.

Thank you - I will convey your words to her!

Your mom has got a big garden with wonderful flowers and vegetables, you are lucky 😊
Beautiful pictures, have a nice week.
Big hugs.

Really nice!!! Good job 🙏❤️

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